AoC not mounting in Garry's Mod

  • I placed this under off topics as it does not concern the actual game play. Since the launch of AoC from 2007, it was always possible to mount in Garry’s Mod. The maps and the props was popular to use in fantasy themed poses.

    Suddenly the materials folder under Steam vanished. The maps and models folder are still there, but mostly empty.
    And that is what Gmod finds. The game dir is there, but there is nothing in it. Same for maps. This is sad because besides having good times in that game (which works fine by the way), me and many more used the maps and props for posing in Gmod. This also promoted the game.

    So I wondered if this is due to restrictions you have installed your selves? If not, I can probably blame the infamous Gmod updates that has a habit of breaking something. If the latter and since that game is free, I wonder if it is any way to restore the mount or get access to the material and models folder with it’s content? If I can, I can easily make a addon to work in Gmod.

    Regards. Rast.

  • After I saw your name I’m now afraid of what you’ll be using these models for.

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