LTS Ruined

  • LTS has been ruined, the whole fun in LTS is being able to evade and pick off the enemy team one by one. I’ve seen people good enough to do this, and have done so a couple of times myself. This made for quite an exciting game as well as situation to watch unfold.

    Now at the one minute mark, instead skull markers show up that give away your position. This first appeared in Deadliest Warrior which immediately drew me away, including the fact that there was no Objective based games, and terrible team splitting/ balancing.

    This has killed chivalry for me… :upset:

  • Well it’s really a shame… Hope they will remove this again.

  • @Peter:

    Well it’s really a shame… Hope they will remove this again.

    they wont btw

  • It’s good in DW since it helps you find hiders and lost people in big maps and finish the fight before time runs out. It’s not necessary in MW, just like they didn’t have to replace the green names for friends.

  • It’s an option you can toggle on and off at the server settings. Officials have it on now, but if enough people suggest it back off they may listen.

    Oh wait it’s Torn Banner we’re talking about…

  • Its a feature for pub play just like any other anti-grief feature. The intention is to avoid people running away and hiding until the time runs out when it just delays the round. As the official severs are the very definition of pub they won’t disable it. Maybe on “hardcore” servers (1st person, 100% FF) - but those are all TO as far as I know.

  • yes i miss hiding D:

  • I also hate how these markers look, they don’t fit into the whole medieval theme they’ve got going on here. Your new approach to design is bad and you should feel bad.

  • Personally I find it better than someone hiding and votekicks flying around to kick the guy hiding.

  • I both like it and dislike it.

    Pros are that you don’t get the last person hiding for three minutes until the round ends. That was always sooo annoying in LTS, especially if you died early. Another pro is that by the time the icons show up, you see if that one enemy is the last enemy without taking up the scoreboard for a second. It can be a bit useful if you are playing one of those honorable types of LTS where the last enemy always gets to duel.

    The cons are that the icons are big and out of place. And yeah, you can’t really hide in the end. As I said, I don’t like people who hide and wait for the round to end, even if his team will lose since the other team has more players still alive. But when you are the last guy against many other guys, you do want to stay away some. Not exactly hiding though, the other team is most likely aware of your whereabouts.

    Anyways, is this something server admins can toggle on and off? I get that official feature like this won’t be shut off from official servers, but can it be shut off for private LTS servers?

  • This is the second thread I’ve found poop in.

  • I have to agree that this is indeed another stupid idea from Torn Banner to give everyone Wallhack near the end of a Last team standing round since you could before basically clutch it by having a good placement and then slowly taking out everyone one by one as they would be spread, but since Torn Banner is so desperatly trying to aim for making their game for casuals, they added these icons so that Last team standing rounds would end much quicker, since that would be something more appropriate on a high populated server, so they think.

    Its their game, their choice. They gave us a mod tool, so we can shut the fuck up and go making a mod of the way we want our game, while they can keep doing the things they want, that’s what I think was the main goal with releasing all the mod tools but oh well guys.

    Maybe Chiv2 will be better.

  • This used to be the greatest idea ever.

    Suddenly it isn’t.

  • The whole game is ruined.

  • @lemonater47:

    This used to be the greatest idea ever.

    Suddenly it isn’t.

    It was good idea for casual CDW with its big maps and multiply teams. Importing it to CMW was just silly.

  • In LTS I’m more annoyed that the ‘two minute’ epic music kicks in (1 minute into each round). It gets really boring after a while.

  • Meh. I didn’t like people who hide for ages. Then votekicks would fly around.

    Could be a server option.

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