Weapon models and damage

  • I know that the damage of weapons don’t always fit their models, how could you decide that anyway.

    But there’s NO way, that THIS

    little piece of scrap does more damage than THIS:

    or THIS:

    And the spears are also weird…

  • Deutsch Warhammer technologie vom feinsten. I love running around with my little hammer, it’s a glorious weapon once you get used to the lack of range. To be honest though, they either need to add an extra couple of inches to the handle, or reduce the windup time to minimise flinch in order to make it anywhere near as useful as it should be.

  • Does the warhammer still make dagger slashing sounds?

  • It looks like a god damn tool hammer to put some nails into wood. They should make the model bigger and more deathly-looking.

  • Nope - the head has the right size. Its actually this small size (combined with high weight) that deals the damage as it generates a lot of impact force. The Warhammer doing more damage than the Sword of War is realistic - as is the SoW being faster and longer. One is for causing impact damage even to heavily armored enemies one is for cutting trough lightly armored foes and stabbing weak spots. The Morningstar rests in between.

    Its not always about size but also about weight and shape.

  • I agree with this ^ Except that the SoW is a stabbing weapon to be used against plate, nevertheless, the warhammer would do at least as much damage. Its the headshots with the warhammer that are so damaging, it really would most likely 1shot a knight if hit in the head OR at least knock him out.

    To me it looks like they did adjust the warhammer a tad compared to its original state:
    -it looks like they adjusted the position where the weapon is held - as in its held slightly further down the handle.
    -it has ever so slightly longer reach than it used too? It might have only been adjusted to counter the bubble?
    Blood hell lol, take the photos again with an appropriate 1st person view lol. If you make it a more realistic 83-95 the hammer looks like an appropriate size lolllllsss….:positive:

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