Where are the new helmets?

  • I don’t see the new helmets in the customization. I go there and it says it cannot communicate with the server.

  • Interesting. Well if you don’t get that error they will be there. That usually happens when the servers get overloaded. Though there could be other reasons for that error too.

  • Make sure Steam Overlay is enabled. If you’re playing in 64-bit and have Fraps installed, exit Fraps before launching Chivalry. You can re-open Fraps after Chivalry is on the title screen if you want.

    Otherwise, as Lemon said, the servers could be overloaded at the moment.

  • Same issue happens with the overlay in 32 bit as well just tested deleting the 64bit.exe and running fraps and bandicam will mean the overlay doesn’t work.

    Though I can access the customiser running bandicam (my main screen recorder and FPS counter). I just can’t buy anything as the overlay doesn’t work. I can see all the new helmets and add them to the cart. But I push purchase and nothing happens. As the steam overlay is supposed to appear and doesn’t.

  • I’m also having this issue. I was able to access the helmets fine on Thursday. Then on Friday I wanted to buy some, but I couldn’t :(.

  • Ok; so I’m in the right place, purchased helmets not an option in the customisation menu since the last patch. Same message - cannot communicate with the server. I have tried at different times so I doubt it’s the servers overloaded. Also the weird thing is that it only stopped working when I opened the menu.

    Any other ideas/fixes/suggestions?

    Edit: all’s well in helmetland.

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