Rank Glitch

  • Well since this isn’t really a bug, cause I cant recreate it, I thought I would post this here. So a couple days ago I reached level 46 and it was great, I was really proud of myself. Then a couple hours later I was playing and I saw that my rank got pushed down all the way to level 42, I have also noticed this is occurring with some people who have recently bought the game. Anyway I went to go look at my stats and found out I had around 7630000. I also did some more research.

    Rank 46 - 7000671 xp (not sure if that’s correct, but that’s the best from what I found on rank charts)

    Me - 7630000

    Rank 47 - 7862228 xp

    After I found this I started to play again. After a couple more hours I looked back at my xp. I was playing on official servers so the xp should of saved, but sadly it didn’t. So now its been about 3 days since this has happened and my xp is still glitched this is really making me disappointed. I cant level up anymore, im stuck at 42, and what should be 46. I really love this game, and leveling is the thing that helps me with motivation in this game to keep playing and strive for even higher ranks. If this stays like it is my motivation will be ruined, and a game close to my heart will lose a lot of meaning. Please try to help/resolve this.

    Steam Name: ŦŁĠ. Seanatello

    • thank you.

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