TBS and the SDK please respond (admin position open)

  • My question is what should our expectations be around SDK support?

    There are a few custom TO maps which is my and most peoples bread and butter. Is TBS going to setup any servers or any support for SDK? TBS benefits from this enormously so it is perplexing why no official custom map servers.

    I am prepared to pay for a server with maps of my choice, but I need an administrator. If anyone would like to volunteer to setup the server, implement the maps and customization as I want please let me know…


    If we can get some traction I may well restart my quest to design the perfect TO map.

  • The main problem is that people don’t join the damn custom map servers. Probably because it downloads every single map before you join and if the server map is a different version than the workshop map then it downloads it again. Defeating the purpose of subscribing to maps in the first place.

  • What Lemon said.

    Also, most people get an entirely wrong idea of the quality of most custom maps. They join a server that has every single custom map there is or just a random few, play one match on an unfinished map full of issues(mainly FPS drops) and pretty much won’t download any custom maps ever again.

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