Archers are OP

  • Very


  • That’s what you get for jumping.

  • sounds like euro trash

  • As archer I find it easier to shoot people when they are dodging like that. You can predict their movements.

  • an easy win

  • You weren’t running in a very deceptive manner, and you jumped towards him. Ducking helps, it’s easy to time after a while.

  • he was using aimbot

    probably from cheat engine 5.3

  • Doubt he was cheating

  • No einar. No.

  • Their melee combat should get a little nerf somehow… A knight with a big sword? No problem. An archer with a tiny ass dagger? Shit, I’m dead.

  • So you get shot for running towards a projectile weapon, and call it op?

    Dear God…

  • solution: remove the snipers.

  • That’s what you do against MAA with crossbow, wait until they fill your screen.

  • One thing I’ve noticed as a knight against friends and random players is there seems to be no middleground between the knights speed and the archers.

    Earlier today I was playing in an FFA and an archer would fire at me while I was fighting, so in order to stop getting shot in the ass whilst combating, I chased after him. It seems that archers are fast enough to completely run away infinitely without you being able to catch up to them, even when you have your fists out. (Keep in mind, I had only the Messer waying me down.)

    The fix for this is to huck a throwing axe at his scalp, but archers aren’t idiots, you can’t be 100% with two throwing axes. Finally, he’s either too far or you give up after full minutes of chase, he just fires at your ass again and you chase him again. If they never engage in melee, there’s not much to do.

    I found this incredibly frustrating against my friend who uses a sling, because he runs off and makes a lot of leg room and just fires a sling at my face and wrecks me. If I’m lucky, I dodge most of his attacks, but that can be a lot of effort, while he just needs to run, and if I screw up with my axes, I’m screwed. If he misses, well he has a whole lot of ranged ammo left, he’s just fine. I feel like if my class is stuck in such a small range that they’re not limited to, there should be some way for me to deal with the ranged class in any situation. And I realize that’s exactly what the throwing weapons allotted to us is for, but even with the throwing knives, basically we have one two kills with that while he has a drastically lower concern about error, and say you get the bastard, well, you’ve just given them a world of more ammo while you’re screwed.

    I’ve found this very frustrating as even trying to be crafty cutting them off and such they can still get away clean because they’ve got the speed to do it.

    Am I crazy or is this a problem? I hate to be the guy who ignores everyone for an archer, but archers like this I can’t do much about, if I stop and fight someone else I’m gonna just get shot while killing them, so clearly I need to get rid of them as quick as possible, and I can’t do much when they run. Some of them are incredibly patient.

    What should I do? Has anyone else experienced this, is there an easy way around it or am I just screwed when this happens? I mean, if I have to switch class to deal with it, then it’s not really balance.

  • My countries censorship doesn’t allow me to watch the video. Did he use a shield?

  • @Evil:

    My countries censorship doesn’t allow me to watch the video. Did he use a shield?

    What country are you in???

    Anyway theres no shield he’s an MAA too. He sees an archer with a crossbow and so he goes towards him. Wen the archer sees him he starts doing all these zigzag movements. This archer is disciplined. The archer waits for him to get close. Then the MAA jumps at the archer and that’s when the archer fires. MAA is clutching his throat bleeding out.

  • Lemonater the master of denial and deception defending TBS to his last breathe in pursit of higher post count in order to appear more relevant on an internet forum.

    Ez game ez life.

    On a serious note, I agree Dopes zigzag was bad but even if it had been better the archer could still gamble his shot and 1 hit him.

  • two words, throwing knives

  • @RavnosCC:

    two words, throwing knives

    one word, projectilesarestupidandshouldntexistinthisMELEEgame

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