Can't launch Chiv, start buttons are in bottom right corner

  • I can’t load my game, the buttons do nothing, but I think the actual launch buttons are covered under my desktop but I cant move it up or force expand the launcher.

    Heres a screen of someone who has the same problem from the steam discussions.

  • Hi Guy,

    Have heard of a few reports of this, possibly something screwed up in resolution detection :P

    Try moving the launcher window:

    1. Click the launcher when open on the task bar (needs to have focus and be in a restored state)
    2. Move your cursor above the task bar until the thumbnail image appears (it looks from your screenshot you have win 7)
    3. Right-click on the thumbnail image (you will be presented with the option menu, one of which is “Move”)
    4. Select the “Move” option, then use cursors/mouse to jig it around.

    You could also create shortcuts to steamapps\common\chivalrymedievalwarfare\Binaries\Win64\udk.exe then run the game from those.

  • You can also hit alt+space to bring up that menu. And you need to hit enter after you’re done moving it with the arrow keys.

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