Customisation issues

  • I’d like to bring up an issue I encountered as well as a persisting nuisance concerning the customisation menu.

    The main issue I’ve noticed is colours switching. I’ve found out that what is happening is that I am unable to switch colours of my shield, they instead keep snapping back to the colours of my clothes once I leave the menu or switch classes. I’ve noticed this problem affecting only knight and only some colours slots.

    Anyone else has this issue? I haven’t noticed any patch notes concerning shield colours having to match the armor colours.

    Secondly, every time I open the customisation menu a pop up saying something like “attempting communication with the servers” appears and then I’ll get an error message reading something about the connection to server could not be established. I do have the steam overlay up and running and I do not own any special helmets. Bit odd, quite a nuisance.

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