Improve the banning system

  • Current bans go by ip-adresses, make it so it goes by steam-id. Ip’s are easy to change with resetting a router or getting a vpn.

  • That’s the only way to possibly ban someone. It’s how all games with banning do it.

  • I thought the current system used steamIDs?

  • The current system does indeed use steam guids.

    For example, a ban looks like this

    Bans=(DurationSeconds=0,EnactedTime=(Year=2013,Month=12,DayOfWeek=2,Day=10,Hour=20,Min=41,Sec=11,MSec=188),IPPolicy=“DENY,”,NetId=(Uid=(A=109743###,B=17825793)),PlayerName="######",Reason=“ADMIN: Racist language Permanent”,NetIDAsString=“0x01100001068A8F27”)

    added some hashes. The deny IP is a steam socket IP rather than an actual user IP address.
    The netID A part realtes to the users custom guid, the B part is fixed as 17825793 for all users.

    To convert uid, if A part is even:


    If it’s Odd:

  • Just a heads up, you should probably also censor the NetIDAsString since that is the 64bit SteamID in Hex.

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