Hey guys, few questions

  • Hey all, I’m new to the forum and absolutely loving this game, but I have a few questions. Is there any way to unlock the FPS from 60? I get a somewhat noticeable mouse lag, and vsync is off in the game and the nvidia control panel.

    Also, I was 2 kills away from getting the next Vanguard sword, and the new game started and I was back at the 8 that I had previously. Do I have to unlock weapons every time I play a new match?

    Also, is there any way to turn text off? I have to use my laptop at this moment in time, and it can only handle the game at 640x480 and the text chat takes up more than half the screen. Thanks.

  • To disable the hud/text, type “togglehud” into the console. Better yet, type “setbind h togglehud”. This binds the togglehud command to the ‘H’ key, press it whenever you want to make the hud disappear/re-appear. In case you don’t know how to access the console, press ‘~’ or ‘Scroll Lock’! :)

  • everyone has mouselag and a strange mouse behaviour when you look vertically (extremely slow and lagging).

    i hope they will fix this soon although in this game its thankfully not as hindering as it is on shooters.

  • Read the patch notes! Fixed in the next patch.

  • great thing to hear :) nice one!
    but what abou the general mouselag problem?

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