UDK.exe has stopped working at unreal video

  • I know this game works, I played it several times during free weekends on steam, then I buy it and it gives me UDK.exe has stopped working at the unreal logo, I verify the game cache and it always says 4 files missing, but deadliest warrior works just fine, this is friggen ridiculous, I’ve tried every fix i can find and have sent in several support tickets, and the solution I always get back is verify the game cache, I respond that I have, and then nothing, no help or anything,I feel like the Devs already have my money so why should they care if I can play or not, and I can see from all the post I’m not the only one with this problem, so please help Devs or i will never buy another of your products again.

  • Mod

    I’d need to get the specifics of the udk error message and preferably a copy of the launch.log to try and pin down the cause

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