Yet another "Will this run the game?" question

  • Hey

    Just found out about the game and I’m very excited about it. However, I was wondering if someone could confirm, if my laptop would run this game, or better yet, if someone is actually playing the game with this same laptop?

    ASUS X53S
    Processor: Intel i7 2.2 GHz
    RAM: 4GB
    Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce 610M
    Graphics card memory: 2GB

    I know on the processor side I’m under the minimum, but I’m hoping that the newer i7 has a bit more power than the Core 2 Duo, which is used as an example in the FAQ.

    Also, I’m mainly looking to play with low graphic settings and if I can get 30FPS, I’m happy. I’m a casual player :)

    At lest the laptop is able to run several MMO’s without a problem (EVE, SWTOR, The Secret World, War Thunder, World of Warplanes and so on)

  • The GPU is about as power as an Intel HD 3000.

    So not very well. I don’t believe it would be enjoyable.

    That’s not a gaming Laptop.

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