Throwing Axeman

  • I think it’s time we acknowledged the 5-ton elephant in the room; the only thing that AoC never delivered: The Throwing Axeman class. Picture this: a guardsman, but instead of a halberd, he has a dozen throwing axes. This should be in the new game.

  • I think what we talked about last night about having a class that can switch out what weapon he chooses to throw is the better idea. The jav class would be the most logical for this I would think, so in the class selection menu once you select javelineer a further selection menu would appear with the description of the class. Here you would be able to choose if you want to go into battle with javs, throwing axes / daggers, etc. Also, I think this class should be able to pick up any throw-able weapon throughout the battle field and be able to throw it right back at his enemy.

  • Developer

    A throwing weapon-based class is an interesting idea. I would think in order for him to remain balanced and not too annoying, he would be forced to carry rather low amounts of ammo so that he must run in near the enemy to continue to pick up ammo. I think it could be an interesting addition to the game at some point- although many former members of the aoc community complained about the over-abundances of throwable weapons already.

  • I don’t think the amount of ammo will be quite as important, since the low maximum range on throwing weapons will force them to be in the thick of the fight anyway. So yeah, smaller stacks in the 4-8 range wouldn’t break the viability of the class. He’d have to be able to move quickly though, if you intend for him to retrieve his ammo.

  • Unrealistic as hell, but it could be fun :P. It should be a hybrid melee-ranged class though, in my opinion, to differentiate it from javelinmen. Javelins are infinitely more logical to use if you’re going to dedicate yourself to throwing alone.

  • This isn’t exactly about throwing axemen, but I think it would be cool if you time the swing of a weapon just right, your guy will quickly parry projectiles, or slice them in half… that would be pretty cool, if you swing your weapon as your enemy is throwing it, that’s perfect timing, but if you time it a bit late, you slice the projectile in half, but it still hits you.

    So picture this, the axe handle gets chopped off, but the head still embeds itself into your body, killing you anyway.

    mind you, I don’t expect that idea to get into the game/get into the game any time soon.

  • I have never been a fan of throwing weapons specially the number allowed per class and amount of damage it did at ridiculous ranges. While it can be fun at times it became ridiculous in many maps where the opening move for any armored class was to throw something as this really never happened in real life. What throwing weapons did to the game was make people rely on them instead of their teammates with projectile classes. I will agree that fire and smoke pots were really good for defense again I would limit them like all extra throwing weapons, projectile classes are obviously the exception.

    What I do find interesting is the ability to pick up discarded weapons and shields as well as health meters on shields but that is another discussion.

  • Quite a cool Idea, I’m mainly looking at this from the angle of, I really can’t wait to see the variety of fighting styles that theres going to be on the new battlefield.

    The other point raised, being able to deflect projectiles. I just don’t see how that could work, a third of all of the projectiles are small, high velocity objects. The eyesight, skill, and impecable block timing and positioning needed for this would just be well, they don’t exist.

  • It might be fun, but the game will lose a ton of realism :(

  • Who cares if it loses realism, as long as the actions, anomations e.t.c make sense and aren’t off the theme of the game then I say go for it. There is too much realism hunting in games these days, a game should be fun, and if fun is a guy running around throwing axes at peoples faces then I say we should have it.

  • Wizards would be cool too

    Its Ok if the javelineer can choose between multiple throwing weapons, as someone said above, making him the throwing weapons specialist, but an “axe thrower class” would be pretty pointless.

  • Yea I’d prefer the above suggestion too.

  • Well there is no Javelineer class on it’s own; as an Archer you would choose which ranged weapon you want to use, so I guess calling it a Skirmisher would make a little more sense as Archers only specialise in Bows. As a result of this system, many different weapons can be added to the game and assigned to a class without the need of creating new classes solely to fit a particular weapon or weapon type.

    Throwing axes in principle seem cool, but are they really any different to a Javelin gameplay wise, or just an alternate model at best?

  • they can easily be used differently

    javs go farther, throwing axes don’t

    you could make it so throwing axes will release faster/travel faster, but do less damage and are shor ranged, whereas javs would take maybe a second or half a second longer to launch but fly farther and do more dmg.

  • A Skirmisher class would be awesome to see. I imagine the easiest way to do it would be to have vastly differing weight and power measurements on both the ranged and melee weapons.

    For example:

    Dagger as a primary weapon doesn’t decrease your speed at all, but daggers do horrible melee damage.
    Short sword decreases your speed by 3% and does subpar melee damage.
    Hand-ax decreases your speed by 6% and does average melee damage.
    Spear decreases your speed by 10% and does good melee damage.

    Throwing knives don’t decrease your speed at all but do low ranged damage.
    Throwing axes decrease your speed by 5% and do average ranged damage.
    Javelins decrease your speed by 10% and do good ranged damage.

    And you could add a buckler for an extra 10% speed decrease.

    So you can choose between a very agile skirmisher with a dagger/short sword and knives, or a medium or heavy skirmisher with more powerful weapons.

    Maybe an even more advanced system where you can choose how many maximum projectiles you carry would even be possible if it wasn’t considered too much of a burden of knowledge on the players. For example;

    Throwing knives - 3 knives with 0 speed penalty, +1% speed penalty for every knife over the third, up to 10.
    Throwing axes - 2 axes with 0 speed penalty, +2% speed penalty for every knife over the second up to 8.
    Javelins - 1 javelin with 0 speed penalty, +3% speed penalty for every javelin after the first up to 6.

    So you could have a fast class with a light weapon or a relatively fast class with a stronger weapon, while limiting yourself to 1-3 throws before having to pick up/restock your throwables.

    These are of course all just examples and not intended to be balanced.

    I also strongly believe there should be a skirmisher class. Having the ability to hang back from the fight, engage and disengage and fight on your own terms is a very unique and fun play style which always kept me coming back to the Javelineer in AoC.

    You could just say “well we can add a javelin and spear as a weapon kit to X class”, but I don’t think that’d work out well - like when Archer was a single class in AoC, the Javelineer was just a head above the other archer classes because of its melee strength (except during the Age of Uber Shortsword). A Skirmisher class in Chivalry would need to have the lowest HP of any class except perhaps the Archer to balance out their strength of being able to fight on their own terms, but at the same time they’d have to be faster than the Archer who has the strength of very long range engagements.

  • exactly what he said :D also really good ideas on the number of projectiles held compared to movement speed

  • Can we have a throwing ass man? That throws ass?

  • @Circle:

    Can we have a throwing ass man? That throws ass?

    So basically AoC 1.2 firepots? Those things were complete ass.

  • @Circle:

    Can we have a throwing ass man? That throws ass?

    Would that mean hurling donkeys, or rather flinging excrement? I could support both.

  • @SlyGoat:


    Can we have a throwing ass man? That throws ass?

    So basically AoC 1.2 firepots? Those things were complete ass.

    I remember them being as balanced as what a crowbar does to a kneecap.

    Nostalgia’d hard

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