My Chiv Tech Support Tweaks: Plus a new tweak!

  • As many of you know I have been constantly tweaking the game for max FPS for mid to low end PCs. I usually post my findings here but sadly they get burried rather quickly. So I am posting the link to the |ĶiĻă| Clan forums where I post all of my tech support INI tweaks and findings. Most all have instructions along with more links and documentation. There is even a direct download links to my INI files.

    Make sure you head to the Chiv tech support section. You do not have to join or sign up to view this section and several others. But you will if you have any questions.

    Ok now for the new tweak…
    Show FOG in console, while it doesnt work in online play you can see what the maps look like without the fog table embeded all over the map

    and you are welcome.

  • can you make a fix for all the bugs please

  • Thank you Mr Retsnom got them now.

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