Can't load character in game

  • Hello!

    I’ve been trying to work out how the chivalry sdk works (have some experience with udk itself) but for some reason my player does not load on to the map. I am able to launch the sdkcontent launcher and open my map but as soon as i select Agatha or Mason the game is just in spectator mode. I do have the “Game is starting in 7…6…5…” message but that will keep on looping.

    I have set the game modes in the world properties as well as adding the AOCPlayerstartup and choose agatha and mason for both of them but still nothing. Any help would be appretiated!

    EDIT: Fixed! Had to delve deep into the forum history, found out that the MyMapInfo in World properties was set to none so i set it to AOC.

    I don’t think i saw anything about this in the chivalry sdk documentation, might want to add it?

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