How would you rank the maps of CMW.

  • The AOC map thread sparked this.


    Argon’s Wall
    Dark Forest

    I did not include variations for ffa/td/lts or the duel maps, but you are welcome to. At least a top 5, but you can list all if you like. Some general feedback is also welcome, such as “I hate “map” because it’s too large, and the layout is confusing” or I like “map b” because the first objective is fun".

    Also, what are your favorite SDK maps?

    I like Jumuday City. The atmosphere is pretty cool.

  • Order for me:


    I think this is the perfect Chivalry map. I really enjoy the whole burn the village aspect to it because along with the second objective, it really gives you the feeling that you’re raiding the castle. The objectives really force players to push and protect each other while utilizing either the catapult or ballista. The open space is great so it allows players to really go about attacking the enemy whatever way they prefer.


    This also goes along with Battlegrounds in terms of making you feel like you’re doing something fitting of the era. Killing villages, humping cows, pushing a battering ram and going after the king are some great objectives. The map does a good job of utilizing different levels, meanwhile once you get to those doors, it becomes a fun chokepoint of hectic action that I’ve seen some really close calls. Because of how close one team spawns to the doors, it requires a lot more teamwork to be able to hold the spot and fight what seems like waves of enemies. It gives a certain thrill that you don’t find on most maps.

    Dark Forest:

    This map offers some great strategy for the attacking team once you break through to the final objective. I really like the atmosphere in this one because it’s quite different from the rest where instead of having big areas, you’re pushing your way through a small section with different obstacles like trees, rocks, bridges, etc. This map is more head to head and really enforces pushing through. As for the strategy for the last objective, because there are three different places you can head to, it requires teams to split into groups and be ready at any turn to take on the enemy or break a door down. It allows for some teams to try to lure the enemy to a different objective while they use their main focus on another one. One thing that this map has over all the other ones is the ability to just tear down all the walls with the catapult. It’s a great way to sort of even things out and open it up for a big rush.


    Moor is a good map because it’s a nice break from not worrying about completing an objective and more about just slicing some heads off. Because it’s just an open field, it requires the player to be aware of all surroundings and the location of their teammates. This map is hilarious in free for all especially when you see one person chasing someone then another person chasing that person and it becomes a train until eventually everyone catches up and it becomes a big brawl. The openness requires some movement but overall you’re going to go to different chokepoints and take out as many as you can.


    I love this map for the story it tells. You land on enemy shores and it’s up to you to light the pyre to signal that youv’e made it. From there you must take out their catapults to stop them from destroying your ships. Once you break through, you start killing as many enemies as you can while taking out their own ships so you can allow for more of your army to arrive. I wish there was more maps that required you to use the ballista to take out some moving objects. Maybe horses? Haha.

    Argon’s Wall:

    This is possibly the most literal version I’ve seen of King of the Hill because it’s just a giant castle wall at the top of a hill and both teams are rushing to hold it so it makes it easier to kill the other enemies. I really like the lifting platforms and how it gives players the opportunity to flank but it does make you an open target but that is the beauty of risk vs reward.


    How can anyone not like this map? Gladiator style all out battle with deathtraps galore and more than enough reasons to run in shouting and kick as many people into the traps.


    I enjoy this because it’s different from the rest in terms of the look, due to all the snow. I like how simple it is and works great for CTF. Also the boulders are a nice touch unless you’re infront of them. :(


    Possibly one of the best levels in terms of atmosphere but oh man, if you’re the attacking team, you have so much running to do meanwhile the defending team just pops out easily, especially when you have to break down the doors. I find the defending team is more at an advantage than the attacking because of this, and the beginning can be quite brutal just to make it all the way up to the ballista. It’s a pretty map and it can be fun but I find about half the times, players are more frustrated with it.

  • Firstly TO maps in order


    • Killing peasants is a very fun objective. Strategic value - 3 main paths to get to objective + catapult fun.
    • Each objective is very different - peasants/ram/king. Having the player as a king in a defensible position is great.
    • Archers love the battlements and ballista.
    • Usually the king dies but even on the losing side you feel like it was a great game.


    • Longer map with 4 stages and again 3 very different objectives. Fighting on the logs and getting kicked into the river is very fun. Plenty of places for archers but easy enough to avoid them too.
    • Killing the royal family as the ending is great.
    • Both of these maps are fun to attack or defend.


    • First stage is brutal on a weak team (note that in the first two maps even a weak team can make progress).
    • Again having multiple paths to 2nd and 3rd objectives, flanking makes it interesting and allows for one on one battles.

    #4 CITADEL

    • This map feels more like a chore, perhaps it is the size. The first stage can be frustrating for attackers as there is usually little support for the ballista firing at the wall. Second stage with cages is fine. Third stage is a lot of running around for the attackers so less fun. Fourth stage is a funnel but fine. Fifth stage is brutal on defenders since it is rather easy to kill Malric making the win a bit of a letdown.


    • Only two stages with the first one fine once you know what to burn. Second stage is brutal on the attackers since it is so open and sprawling and you have a lot of people on your butt at the end. I guess the main thing to learn from Citadel and Battlegrounds is not to have so much running.

    LTS Maps

    #1 Arena

    • Just a classic map. Lots of fun.

    #2 Argons Wall.

    • Not too big, it is generally fun.

    #3 Frigid

    • Too much foliage, reduced visibility. Hard to ever catch anyone with a trap or a snowball.

  • 1: Dark Forest- A nice full map with variety and balanced pretty well
    2: Battlegrounds- 2nd part is nice and open. Big brawl.
    3: Stoneshill- Great until kill the king. Just becomes infuriating especially when agatha can spawn up top directly next to where the king is sometimes. Winning feels like a pyrrhic victory.
    4: Hillside- Was much better before old treb 3 was removed. All sense of challenge on attack was removed at that point after the first section.
    5: Arena/Moor/Ruins LTS- They are all ok
    7: Citadel- The server killer. This is the map where everyone decides it’s time to stop playing. It runs like crap, there is no real tactic on most of the defense as things are so spread apart.
    6: Frigid CTF. Worst game mode on a poor map

    Collision on map geometry is terrible on all maps. I wish i could just go through each map with a dev and show them all the points you get stuck on for no good reason.

  • I don’t really have a specific order. Citadel I find one of the most fun due the fantasy-movie climax feeling it has.

    Battlegrounds and Frigid are the worst for me. Battlegrounds because Masons have to walk a few feet and Agatha one whole tenth of a mile to get to the ram once it’s at 70%.
    Frigid because well… collision.

  • #1: Dark Forest - A better aesthetic and more fun for me than Stoneshill.
    #2: Stoneshill - Same as DF in terms of strategy and quality. I just like DF a tiny bit more.
    #3: Moor - The best map for FFA duels and kendo.
    #4: Hillside -The aesthetic is okay, but there’s a lot strategy and nifty paths you can take.
    #5: Battlegrounds - A fun map, but very shallow in terms of strategy.
    #6: Ruins, Arena, Argon’s Wall, and Frigid - All of them are very shallow in terms of strategy, and some of them are just plain bad maps. Also LTS sucks cock.
    #7: Citadel - Terrible map, no strategy, bad aesthetic, way too easy for attackers, an overall pile of crap.

  • #1 Stoneshill - This one seemed to have the most effort forged into it, everything from the interesting layout and placement of buildings / paths. Also one of the maps with the fewest stuck spots too. Best TO, hands down.

    #2 Argons Wall - Large, open, huge flanking routes and absolutely a blast in small to medium sized LTS skirmishes. The siege equipment placement also really adds to the variety of tactics to draw from.

    #3 Battlegrounds - While the map size can better fit larger player numbers, I prefer smaller matches on this map just due to the high tendency for archers to dominate most of this map when played correctly. Otherwise a frantic melee is always on the verge of happening with the huge open environment.

    #4 Hillside - Despite the nightmarish run from Agatha spawn in the first objective, I really do enjoy Hillside in both TO and LTS. The final objective could have been handled better, but it’s still really fun.

    #5 Dark Forest - A map that feels like a chore to play through, definitely a weak TO. The LTS / TDM variants lack flow.

    #6 Ruins - This one is a great FFA map, an okay TDM / LTS map, but a horrible CTF map. The lack of TO puts ruins in the forgettable column, though it has an amazing aesthetic.

    #7 Citadel - I wish I could rank this one higher, but poor optimization and an absolutely awful first two objectives make this one weak. Once you get to the last two objectives, Citadel really comes together as a fun TO map. If the first two objectives were revised this one could sit further up the list.

    #8 Frigid - If there is one map I wish would disappear, it’s this abomination. I love snow maps, and the idea of two hills meeting center sounds great, but the stupid rolling boulders trap which are more often used to teamkill, and awkward layout really do not permit a grand melee fight in the center. Also plenty of things to get stuck on when trying to traverse the terrain.

    Special: Arena - This one is the worst KOTH / FFA map to ever exist. As a low populated (5v5) LTS map, this one soars to the top of the list in terms of fun. In any other game mode with higher population, it simply falls apart.

  • 1.Battlegrounds
    7.Argon’s Wall
    8.Dark Forest(I like the variety of the objectives and the design,but it is kinda dark)

    For DW:


  • God tier:
    Darkforest - best fucking map in the game, I could play it 24/7

    Demigod tier:
    Stoneshill - just balance the 3rd objective and it’s perfect. Ram is a little buggy too.

    Decent tier:
    Battlegrounds - kinda big for 5v5 but ultra fun with +7v7

    Shit tier:
    everything else

    From competitive TO POV.

  • 1. Stoneshill: Stoneshill is best hill. All three objectives are fun, the map looks great, is open and laid out well, and I love a huge cata shot on the cart.
    2. Dark Forest: Similar to Stoneshill, the first objective is harder compared to the rest of the map, in my opinion. But each objective is fun to do, and the aesthetics of the map are great, dark and rainy. If only I didn’t back into trees as much as I do.
    3. Hillside: Used to be much harder for the attacking team, now Agatha steam rolls after the pyre objective. Still fun to do, and a very unique map and design. RIP, Treb 3, forever in our hearts.
    4. Battlegrounds: I’d rather defend this map, than attack it. But I love that the entire map is open the whole time, the feel is very gritty, too, which I like. I just hate how hard it is to see at a distance.
    5. Moor: A great, open map for duels, LTS is boring on it, though. Great for CTF, and the music there is just so good. Love the atmosphere.
    6. Arena/Argon’s Wall: I like these about the same, I’m not a fan of LTS, so, I’m biased. Arena is usually another archer battle, and Argon’s Wall is just who can oil pot the center room more. But AW is great for TDM, and I love the little village that’s outside of the map.
    7. Citadel: The only reason I like Citadel more than Frigid is because it’s TO. But the first three objectives are just so boring. I like the idea of fighting uphill to each objective, but fighting on elevation is so buggy and annoying. There’s a reason servers usually empty out when it changes to this map.
    8. Frigid: Worst map ever. The only thing that’s fun about it is the traps, which half of the time just kill your own teammates.

    TL;DR: TO maps are best maps. More TO maps, pls.

  • 1. Dark Forest - Solid TO map with fun objectives and plenty of action.
    2. Stoneshill - Slaughtering peasants and burning villages is fun.
    3. Battlegrounds
    4. Arena - Awesome straightforward map. Favorite LTS/Duel/FFA map. Kicking people into spikes is fun.
    5. Ruins
    6. Moor
    7. Hillside
    8. Argon’s wall
    9. Citadel
    10. Frigid

  • 1:Dark Forest

    • Linear map that’s well balanced with a really neat design to it.


    • everything but the third objective is great. Mason has to run way to far to get to the throneroom.


    • I love the first objective, it’s open but still somewhat enclosed thanks to the wheat fields and such. Second objective is alright until you’re supposed to push the cart uphill, fighting in slopes is unpredictable and I hate it.


    • First objective can be fun, but I hate playing agatha during it. Second objective is a bit to easy for agatha, I think that the old treb 3 should be reinserted once again, it’s in fact the most fun part of the map. Third objective is usually an easy task for agatha.


    • I don’t usually play on this map except for FFA duels sometimes. It’s great and got some variations for different types of terrains, it’s also open and feels like a battlefield.

    6:Argons Wall

    • It’s quite fun I guess, sadly I’ve only played LTS on it (not sure if you can play TDM as well?). I despise LTS so because of that I’m not that into this map.

    7: Citadel

    • To big, fps drops and annoying light levels. It is linear, but the size and the additional lag kills the fun for me. I always start a vote for another map as soon as this map starts and it’s usually a success because people don’t like this map at all. I do however like the fourth objective as mason, as agatha none of the objectives are fun as you just run to get slaughtered.


    • wth is this? slopes everywhere. I like the design though it looks great, but the gameplay is awful.

  • 1.Dark Forest

    2.Dark Forest

    3.Dark Forest

    4.Dark Forest

    5.Dark Forest

    6.Dark Forest

    7.Dark Forest

    8.Dark Forest

    9.Dark Forest

  • @H:

    1.Dark Forest

    2.Dark Forest

    3.Dark Forest

    4.Dark Forest

    5.Dark Forest

    6.Dark Forest

    7.Dark Forest

    8.Dark Forest

    9.Dark Forest

    Dark Forest confirmed for best map.

  • 1. Dark Forest – Love it. Long map, varied objectives, nearly every objective is “balanced” enough to give both sides a chance to win. Bonus for humorous Z-5 commands. I love the change of pace and change of scenery in each objective, and the last stage with the river crossing, thunder claps, and catapults is simply epic…

    2. Stoneshill – Ties with Dark Forest.

    3. Hillside – Love this map. The initial objective area has everything from close quarters areas to wide open spaces for the archers, and I like the “push up the hill” from the Agatha’s perspective. This map naturally lends itself to excellent team work on both sides.

    4. Battlegrounds – Great map; a bit simple and wide open, but with a full server this map can be intense. I think it also is the best map for feeling “in a battle”. Chivalry seldom gives you the “at war” feeling as most fighting takes place between 2 or 3, maybe 4 players at a time. But on Battlegrounds it is common to have 10 vs 10 mini battles when pushing the Petard, making for crazy fun intensity…
    5. Moor– Simple but effective. It is a great “default” map when playing FFA duels and fairly fun for CTF.
    6. Arena – I would rate it higher but it can’t compare with the other objective maps. Very balanced in LTS mode, and also hilariously brutal in FFA since it is so small (but with a few special areas that you can hide in and defend, like near the opening gates or on the fire switch lever stairwells).
    7. Argon’s Wall– Very balanced map and great atmosphere. I love everything about this map (especially the little rat that runs around in the basements – I don’t know if anyone else has ever noticed him but me?!!). But I hate the fact that MAA can continuously spam fire pots on this map due to the ammo crate locations…
    8. Citadel – Excellent map, great music, fun objectives. Unfortunately it requires at least 8 or 9 people (bare minimum) on each side to be fun, which is tough to come by on many Asia servers, hence this map is seldom played.

    9. Frigid – Looks good and sounds like fun, but for whatever reason it just does not play very well. I’ve noticed that it almost always leads to lower player counts (sometimes the map even causes a server to empty!). I like the theme (snowy woods) and the traps, but again… It just does not play very well.

    Upon re-reviewing this list it almost seems unfair to rank the top 4 maps… They are all equally fun in their own right for different reasons!! :beguiled:

  • @H:

    1.Dark Forest

    2.Dark Forest

    3.Dark Forest

    4.Dark Forest

    5.Dark Forest

    6.Dark Forest

    7.Dark Forest

    8.Dark Forest

    9.Dark Forest

    I thrice this notion.

  • Best game mode is TO, and TO Stoneshill and TO Darkforest are the two best maps and modes to play on in the game. I wish there were official TO 24p 24/7 Stoneshill/Darkforest only servers.

    TO (Defending team on every map still needs longer respawns, especially on Battlegrounds, this is speaking from a 24p pub perspective):

    1. Stoneshill: By far the best map in the game. The second objective is probably the most balanced objective in the entire game despite archers having castle walls to hide behind, and the catapult really helps give a lot of control to both attackers and defenders making it a “mini objective” that you really want to control on top of the main objective. The oil is perfect that has counter play and good use, and the bridge tunnels are great for both teams, too. Archer hill (the hill next to Mason first spawn) is great for this map for both teams as well, and the ballistae are fair with easy archer shots to them. The first objective is a little too easy for attackers but that’s okay because the third objective is far too hard for attacking team. Any objective that requires massive teamwork and coordination is badly designed since TO should be based around solo pubbing, and LTS around clan battles. Despite this, still remains the best by far. It’s very satisfying. Defenders need longer respawn on objective 3.

    2. Darkforest: The second best map in the game. It’s a little harder for attackers IMO than on Stoneshill as a solo player, but it’s still very well made with lots of great control points for both teams. Defense is a little easy on objectives 1, 2 and 4 but the 3rd objective is pretty well done. It can be both very hard to attack and defend depending on the grouping, but because the grouping spots are so small it works well for both teams. However, the family C on 4th objective can be just as frustrating as king objective in Stoneshill because it requires massive teamwork and coordination to take. There’s very little you can do as an individual, so I feel like that’s bad game design for TO. Again, because TO should be based with solo pubbing in mind. Having to think about destroying the walls with the catapults is a great thing, because there’s advantages and disadvantages for doing so. Defending team needs longer respawn on objectives 1, 2 and 4.

    3. Hillside: This map has always had a lot of problems, especially when treb 3 was still around. I’m so glad it’s gone and feel like the map is much better, but I still find that it’s very difficult to play as a solo pubber. However, with a coordinated team, it definitely has an advantage for attacking team now so most people don’t enjoy it any more. It’s very easy to defend on the first objective, but the other two can be difficult when attacking team works together. It’s just, when attacking doesn’t work together then there’s very little you can do as a solo pubber. This map does also offer lots of great points to control, such as the flank route in first objective next to Mason spawn, the treb 1 area in objective 2, and the “cat walk” between the top two ballistae above the stairs in objective 3. Defending archers can control all 3 ballistae very easily however which is really frustrating.

    4. Citadel: This map is very very frustrating for the attacking team. It really feels like you have to sacrifice your KD to get the objective done most of the time without team coordination, and even with teamwork it can be hard to attack. Every objective has massive defense advantages, and I still believe you should be able to get great KDs on both teams while doing the objective, but this map just makes it really anti-fun. There’s little you can do except run up to the objective and hit it once then die, rinse and repeat. Defending the king is actually a lot easier than most people believe, going into the corner spawns is no longer effective and you should stay up top. There aren’t many valuable control points on this map either. Defending team needs longer respawn on every objective, with only a little more time on objective 3.

    5. Battlegrounds: The worst TO map. It’s just extremely difficult for attacking team on either solo pubbing or teamwork levels. This map encourages far too much grouping and archers are everywhere all the time. It’s not very fun for either team, but definitely easy to defend. There aren’t many valuable control points since the ballista was patched and doesn’t seem to do much for Agatha any more. I used to spawn camp the left spawn as Agatha with that ballista but now my bolts just go through people’s bodies even though I hear it hit them all the time. Defending team definitely needs longer respawn on both objectives.

    Every other game mode is pretty meh, but I enjoy TD sometimes. I think aesthetically Argon’s Wall is really really awesome, but it encourages far too much grouping to be enjoyed on a solo level. Frigid is also pretty cool but hard on the FPS. Moor is only good for LTS clan battles IMO, since archers have full reign. Arena is largely the same, since it’s all about grouping and team work.

    1. Dark Forest. Although it can be frustrating when the attacking team is weaker than the defending team. I always look forward to this map, but when it comes round and the attacking team can’t get past the second objective, it’s an anti-climax. Best map by a country mile, though.

    2. Battlegrounds. Full of flanking opportunities, stealth opportunities, and lots of open space to flex out and have winnable 1 vs n’s

    3. Citadel. God knows why I like this map so much, I just find it really fun to attack :/ Also I have a machine that would give NASA an erection so I don’t get the performance problems that ruin it for a lot of people.

    4. CTF in ruins. The only map I like the mode on, because I pretend to be a ninja and skulk in the shadows to ambush the foolish.

    5. Hillside. Kicking people into the sea is just fun, irl as well I bet. This map would be at position 2 if the old treb 3 was there. Sure, it was a bit unbalanced, but a great challenge, with lots of avenues of attack. The map just feels a bit ‘meh’ since it was removed.

  • Here’s my map preferences. Keep in mind this is from a pubbers point of view.

    This is probably my favourite TO map, or at least the one I tire of the least. I enjoy playing mason and agatha equally on this map, and feel comfortable doing either melee or ranged depending on what is needed. It’s good fun with ~20 players. LTS and TDM are both very fun on here as well.

    Dark Forest (TO)
    I think this is the most balanced map? I prefer to play on Mason though. Nothing like getting to those catapults at the end of a long hard day. But man, can a grind against a stalwart agatha defense on either of the first 3 stages feel like a real chore.

    Citadel (TO)
    Ah, fond memories of the old Shitadel map. It sure has come a long way. Playing on offense is a frustrating, constant bashing-your-head-against-the-wall experience. And yet I prefer to play Agatha. A few good masons can defend that door for hours, it seems.

    Moor is perfect for a relaxing bout of FFA, or some sharp archery in a CTF match. It is, of course, a natural choice for gentlemen’s dueling as well. I’m not entirely fond of any of the other gamemodes on this map.

    Battlegrounds (TO)
    Mason team can turn into a real archer fest. It’s too foggy. Under the right conditions it’s fun.

    A bit hectic on a full server for FFA, but perfect for those late hours when few players are on. LTS is fun on here too. Nowhere for those stragglers to hide.

    Hillside (TO)
    On a pub server, even slightly imbalanced teams completely ruin this map. I don’t know why it tips so strongly one way or the other.

    Argon’s Wall
    I always have less fun on this map than I would expect. On LTS and TDM.

    I get shitty FPS on this map and it’s too foggy and vanguards charge me from like 300 feet away down those hills.

  • Dark Forest is fucking awesome.

    Stoneshill is also pretty good, not too sure about the balance but there’s plenty of room to fight in, plenty of cover from those pesky archers and fun initial objectives. The last part though is just a glorified corridor with arrows flying everywhere and headbutting contests erupting all over the room.

    Battlegrounds would come third, I think, however it really depends on the kind of server I’m in. I guess I’m rating it based on my average experience of it. Balanced teams, not too many archers and not too few either make it a rather smooth ride. However the fog just keeps providing unwanted affection to my framerate.

    Hillside is interesting from a tactical point of view ; there are different ways to complete the objectives and it rarely gets old. Except, you know, when a few good players tip the balance so much that you have to let teh agathians light the pyre to prevent it from ending too soon. Also some f***lous collision screwups keep infuriating me time and time again.

    Frigid is a snowy map with many ways to circumvent the enemy and plays well on CTF. And only on CTF. For what it’s worth.

    Arena is a massive slashfest and gets cramped way too easily. Not exactly interesting.

    Argon’s Wall could be interesting if the gamemodes associated with it were worth anything. There’s a wall and people on it and enough room to hide until you’ve pissed of the other team that’s been looking for you all this time.

    Moor is also lacking in the gamemode department. I think. I don’t know. There’s just nothing of note to say about this map. I guess I’m not a fan of symetric maps.

    Citadel needs to die and get thrown in a firelake and shot into space and stomped by an unborn elephant and buried in mud and needs to die. Also, it is a terrible map. Defending it is literally boring unless there’s some random squad of badass buttock kickers in Agatha.
    Oh, and remember what I said about Battlegrounds gently prodding my framerate ? Well fucking forget it. Whenever a cloud of dust erupts from some random crack on the floor my computer slows to a crawl. The remainder of the game is spent running at 50% normal frames, even when my comp’s been pumped full of steroids. Always a nice way to spend your next, excruciatingly boring ten minutes.

    All of this is obviously written from the point of view of a random pubstomper.

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