[EU - TO] Stellar Tournament

  • Stellar Tournament #1

    General information:**
    We will try to stream most of the later matches, semi-finals and finals with shoutcaster Koala. We will also try to record as many matches as possible and they will be uploaded to youtube. And the reason we made a group for this is because we are planning on hosting more tournaments in the future. But most of that depends on how well this one gets recieved.

    Gamemode & format: Team objective - 5v5
    Max amount of teams: 16 _(could change, if enough is interested)
    _Links: Bracket, sign up, stream and youtube

    Sign up information:
    Anyone can create a team and join this tournament, as long as you have a 5-8 player roster with the class specified for each player. The sign up is closing on the 9. February, 2014.

    Hope to see as many as possible join!

  • i will check my HRR Clan. I think we will join in few days.

  • I may be interested in casting with Koala, if he doesn’t have a co-caster, and you/he would be ok with that. I’ll probably not play in the tournament but I hope the rest of RK sorts something out.

    Also, as a side note, charge, and other obviously broken stuff, should be banned without question from all tournaments/scrims. The competitive community, at least in the EU, is in a laughable state and has led to the most monotonous game I’ve had the misfortune of trying to enjoy - as has been the case for months.

  • As this is completely outdated and all I might as well add the link to the real bracket. First round is done and by sunday the 2nd round of the winners bracket and 1st round of the losers bracket should be done, I believe.

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