F1 to forward spawn

  • Ok I am sure the mechanism for this is hidden somewhere, but at the moment it just seems like magic. I can’t find it anywhere - anyone know how to add it to a map?

  • Enable Forward spawn is an action in Kismet. I can get back to you tomorrow when I am on my work PC to verify it’s exact location.

    It is relatively straight forward, and you can couple it with a Display Crosshair Subtext node or Generic Show message to notify players when it is active.

  • aha - but but I use forward spawn in my kismet for each stage - i thought it was used just to change to spawn times you see, yes and F1 already works lol. So someone reported to me that I didn’t have it enabled on my map, and I thought, well i don’t think i actually did anything to enable that…. so basically I just don’t have the cross hair text coming up - easy to do…


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