Haven't played in a while, was there a change to animations?

  • Hi guys,

    Returned after taking somewhat of a huge break.
    I’ve noticed some animations not being representative of the actions being performed.

    I remember being able to tell someone was pulling a lookdown overhead or spinned in the direction of a slash. Now, most of the time I’m getting hit either when the wind-up animation is playing or I don’t see the opponent spinning or looking down. Also some times I get side-stabbed but the opponent is practically in front of me and I can clearly see a stab animation, not a slash or anything.
    Has anything changed in the way the animations work or is there some new way to pull lookdowns that bugs out the animation?
    I’ve got a normalish ping of ~80 on most servers and haven’t experienced any lag, apart from server wide lag on some Official servers. My fps is also stable @ 60. So I don’t think it has to do with my computer or connection.

  • I thought I was the only one. While not having noticed the same things you described here, I have another problem: I seem to miss the windup animations sometimes. Even with weapons that have long windups. Worst case: The Maul! I fought against a noob with a maul (I mean… someone who just uses it without tactic. No delays or anything). But he got me with an overhead. I didn’t see the windup. He was standing there, looking at me, I started an attack and then BOOM, my head exploded and I saw his release animation.

    My ping is always between 20 and 60.

  • There was a patch that changed animations.

  • What kind of changes? And how are you supposed to defend against these tactics? Guts?

  • Indeed its very very bad no defence and they think that is skilled fighting to boot. Instanimated to death.

  • I don’t know how long you’ve been away, but a lot of people are now at or near the inherent skill ceiling. I don’t know who you were fighting but it’s definitely not uncommon for people to drag even the quick release weapons around your parry with a stab.

    For instance, you might see a broadsword stabbing “normally” but what’s really happening is that they are dragging that fast stab around your parry and the animations aren’t good enough to display that.

  • Sounds like lag OP getting hit while the other guy is in windup. And that sides tab thing when people are in front of you is a dragged stab with a one handed weapon. Very deadly. Gotta look to the left to parry that.

  • Wow there is a huge difference between drags and stuttering animations. It doesnt matter if it is a drag or a look down overhead, many times the animations are just stuttering. Ever since the last patch animations are horribly stuttering. Even movement animations are stuttering specially fighting on the large staircase on hillside. You can only blame ping for so much before you realize that there is a problem when everyone has decent ping and all animations are choppy as shit.

  • Thanx torn banner

  • When I see a person with a 30 ping duck and do and overhead with a polehammer, it leaves me scratching my head most of the time. Whole animation has maybe 2 frames.

  • Haven’t played for maybe half a year I don’t see any difference, it’s still pretty bad. :(

  • Animations could always be choppy.

    Really strange but when I was fiddling around with the FOV command flipping my screen upside down and all I noticed the higher the FOV the choppier the animation. Though it only got really bad when it was all upside down anyway. But for some reason FOV has something to do with it. Don’t believe me? Go test it yourself. And this was all before the bubble patch so choppy animations have probably been around since release.

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