Problem with resolution switch (1920x1080 to 5760x1080)

  • hello,

    1. **What the issue is.

    My screen setup is a 3 x 1920x1080 screens, so i can play with the 5760x1080 resolution in games (Battlefield 4 for example)

    In Chivalry, i can choose the 5760x1080 resolution into video settings, but the view is “zoomed” :

    1920x1080 with 120 field of view (1 screen mode) :

    **5760x1080 with 120 field of view (3 screen nvidia surround mode):
    The 5760x1080 is like “zoomed”, so i see my sword closer for example, but not wholly.

    I think it is because the field of view of the game is not planned for this specific resolution ?


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