Spawn times

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    Can you screenshot your Kismet setup, with the MinSpawnTimeBonus node’s properties open?

  • Developer

    Also, you respawn immediately if either:

    • You’re a bot
    • It’s your first spawn
    • It’s a forward spawn

  • Thanks CS - knowing how these things are supposed to works really helps in diagnosis. Sometimes with weird errors its easy to start questioning some of the obvious… the kismet for the respawn time is exactly as in the original TO example

    So its now behaving sensibly - I had a certain set of kismet code attached to the level loaded -> loaded and visible event which cause the erratic behavior (instant respawns, no kill count and a few other things), triggering it with the begging of level nub causes things to behave properly.

    So yes Minimum Spawn Time -> MinSpawnTimeBonus behaves as advertised now.

    (if you want to know what i was doing on the level loaded -> loaded and visible event it was / is something really horrible so I can test a bots PawnFamily - you could look i guess but its too horrible to post here!!!)

  • Glad to hear you got it working. I will update our tracker.

  • so does this mean its possible to edit the spawn times now Andrew?

  • its working for me now with the set minimum spawn time WARSAW

  • wow that’s amazing.
    how and where did you edit it, can you share?

  • It’s an action in Kismet, Set minimum spawn time I believe. Not sure about how to do it in code/on a server, as I mainly work in the Unreal Editor.

  • Developer

    The time is Kismet/map-steered in MW. It’s only a config variable in DW (see DefaultGame.ini in DW, search for “spawn”; set it in PCServer-CDWGame.ini).

  • it would be nice if some one broke down the valiance mod cause slight had respawn time changeable and working also
    from in game as admin.

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