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  • Developer

    Hey guys, it’s been a while!

    I wanted to start by apologizing for the period of silence from us, we are still trying to figure out how to approach having a community of this size. While we were figuring out how we wanted to approach communicating with a far larger audience than we were used to, we decided to remain silent to avoid providing mixed messages. Obviously, providing no messages was just as bad. Now we’ve had time to think about how we interact with our community and decided that we want to get back to a position where we can communicate more openly; we know that when that happens we learn more, the discussions are more productive, the community healthier, and the experience of Chivalry as a whole is improved.

    We also wanted to explain some of the difficulty of why it is hard to build on Chivalry and why problems seem to pop up again with new patches. The essential issue is that when we first started on Chivalry, it was a hobby project. We made some poor decisions that created the foundation of our game on fairly shaky ground. In many cases, to improve even seemingly small issues, we would be better off entirely rewriting the codebase. This is why our ultimate goal is to get Chivalry to the point where the community can add new content to it and keep it vibrant and alive through custom maps and mods. We know that the game needs a bit of love before that can happen, and we plan to deliver on that side of things.

    To help kick off our new discussion and illustrate our new and revived attitude, here is a list of Core Issues with the game as we believe the community sees it:

    Rank/Unlock issues
    Vanguard Sprint Attack Bug
    Nonfunctional server ping limits
    Showing Idle time and Ping for votekicks
    The large size of enemy-specific collision (“The bubble”)
    Removal of Panic parry
    Shields run out of stamina too quickly
    Lack of new content (TO Maps in particular)
    Custom content is not sufficiently supported

    Let us know if you agree or disagree with these items as a list of core community issues or if there is anything else we missed.

    It really helps us if responses are as specific, brief and contain as little emotional discharge as possible. Feel free to discuss in this thread or create new topics to focus on a specific topic.

    Thank you for staying with us through this period and hopefully a brighter, better future for Chivalry is on the horizon.

  • You want to remove the panic parry without adding cftp? It’s gonna break the game.
    Please no more balance changes just bugfixes and new content.

  • A positive surprise, i must say. wow. much impress.

    The list sounds pretty good.

  • You cannot remove Panic parry without giving Combo-feint to parry back, but I think Panic parries should either be kept, or that you fix combo parry so that they are actually going to be ‘usable’. Also another thing I think should be considered is the removal of the man at arms dodge, since it has been in the game for so long, and pretty much everyone that doesn’t play man at arms has been against it, also I think Man at arms can play well without the dodge as their backup move, just give them slightly more speed or perhaps better regenerate their HP faster, by removing maa dodge, you will make man at arms arsenal more viable, right now its pretty much just one weapon they all use.

    Bubble definently needs a go, and kicks needs a fix, that’s atleast what I can come up with.
    good luck with this post.

  • Least if Man-at arms dodge were to be kept in the game, it should be fixed so that there could actually be a way to counter dodge, the same way Archers, Vanguards and Knights already have to counter-feints. there are several ways this could be done.

    1. Give man at arms dodge a very long cooldown so that it could only be used once to dodge out of mistake, then after that the Man at arms has to rely on feint-reading skill or movement till the cooldown is over.

    2. Prevent Man at arms from being able to parry during dodge, so that IF a player anticipate their dodge and follow them, they can punish them with a hit.

    3. Keep dodge, and decrease the back pedle speed and stamina regen for Man at arms so that they can’t just back out of fights to regen stamina for their precious dodge.

    4. Remove it, and give Man at arms something else.

  • ^ Ignore that maa hater.

  • Wow, I guess drunk rages on the forums actually are effective.

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    ^ Ignore that maa hater.

    You could say I’m hating on every class since I see ways how they can be re-balanced. I play pretty much all the classes and aren’t biased cause its my ‘main’ class, but c’mon. We all know Man at arms isn’t balanced.

  • " list of Core Issues with the game as we believe the community sees it"

    Imo the knights are known now as whales. The subject of many utube videos. Hunted by all other classes now for a
    warmup :heart-borken:.

    Your list looks concise. Vanguards are enjoying this bug and gaining rank very fast I noted 5 or 6 jumps in a long evening by some players. So try to restore that class to what is was if pos and most importantly I suggest
    fix that rank bug for the new players stuck at level 5? it will bring stability to the newer community members.
    regards loin

  • Competitive players want remove panic, add Cftp, remove bubble.

    Casual players do not want competitive players stomping all over the server killing 40 to 1.

    Tough choice, I sympathize with both. Perhaps there is a middle ground like how feints were handled.

    TO maps, it has been said over and over again and much more important than bug fixes. Map design competition.

  • If you want to do anything with parry interactions during dodge, then if anything, make him suffer a larger stamina loss, do not simply remove it and limit the MaA even further. But I really cannot believe you actually suggested to remove dodge. That’s just stupid and I don’t feel I need to explain myself this time (maybe in another thread).

    Back to the OP, that list is dead on what we have been talking about. I would put them in this order.

    1. Rank/Unlock issues – This will aid player retention and cause much less headaches everywhere.

    2. The large size of enemy-specific collision (“The bubble”) – This was a tossup between the number one spot, but rank/unlock I feel should come first just because it’s never been quite right and I feel making sure all players are satifised should come first.

    3. Removal of Panic parry – Yes to this, but it will need something in return like others said. I doubt we’ll ever get CFtP back but we can certainly find a work around.

    4. Lack of new content (TO Maps in particular) – We’ve been playing the same game for just about a year now with little to no new content in regards of maps. Custom content was poorly implemented so that’s where you fell short in that regard.

    5. Vanguard Sprint Attack Bug – Agreed.

    6. Showing Idle time and Ping for votekicks – I would love you forever and I think every other Aussie/NZ would too if this came back/got in.

    7. Shields run out of stamina too quickly – Agreed.

    8. Nonfunctional server ping limits – Agreed.

    9. Custom content is not sufficiently supported – Definitely needs work, map competition would be great, force people to play only the best maps and force them to download them as they get put into the official rotation. This in turn would make custom servers download them and put them into their own rotation as well.

  • CFtP with a larger penalty would be fine. It had no downsides before. No riposte or a larger stamina drain.

  • if you could, adjust crosshair in first TPS, make kick more reactive in walkingback and give abilities to spears to combo that’d be great

  • @lemonater47:

    CFtP with a larger penalty would be fine. It had no downsides before. No riposte or a larger stamina drain.

    I thought slygoat/tibbs said CFtP is never coming back.

  • @lemonater47:

    CFtP with a larger penalty would be fine. It had no downsides before. No riposte or a larger stamina drain.

    Better yet, keep the stamina the same because it already took half your stamina but make it no riposte.

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    I thought slygoat/tibbs said CFtP is never coming back.

    I remember them only saying that CFtP was never an intended feature, doesn’t mean it won’t come back (even in some slightly different form) until they specifically say those words.

  • Developer

    Let me know what you think of the idea of a “successful parry into a parry” as explained in this thread: It might help make 1 vs. many combat a bit more manageable in a cleaner way.

  • Also tibs, give us an option to:
    a) turn on/off that team damage respawn timer
    b) turn on/off flinch from teamhits

  • 1)Add CfTP and remove panic parry. CfTP is a non-issue

    1. Reduce or remove the bubble.

    2. A higher cooldown and stamina cost for dodging. (Lets be real guys its not going to get removed)

    3. Support your competetive community. Have a tournament that is ruled and sponsored by TB so that there can be no bias ( try to repress the trauma that happend once)

    4. Heather shield for flail ( fix the bucker) with a reduced stamina cost will definetly make it more appealing to use.

    The problem with shields and man at arms a like is the ability to feint you. As you may or may not know stab feints ( and some other attacks on weapons) are pretty much unreadable (all 1H weapons) serve as a free hit since the MAA dictates the range and the pace of the fight.

    You simply cannot take the iniative or dictate the fight.

    Shields have been either very OP or slightly UP as it is right now unless you pick the maul and hit everytime, but then again I don’t like rock scissor paper systems. It was extremely hard and unfun to fight a good shield user with a fast spamming weapon ( HW) because they have the insane advantage to not get feinted while still being able to feint you.

    They’ll try to be as aggresive as possible and feint you with the unreadable and fast stab feints or they’ll end up losing stamina and losing the fight. The only way to get a hit on a shielder is to trade with them or to drain them of their stamina.

    A good way to test the effect of feints on duels/fights in general is to not use them. If you fight a MAA or a shield user without feints they become a non-issue. Especially the shield, since its extremely easy to parry their normal attacks. All you have to do is to hit his shield over and over untill he gets stunned.

    MAA has more options to try to get a hit in without feint but is relatively easy to handle, even easier if they dodge since it consumes stamina. The dodge becomes a non issue since it can’t be used in combination with unreadable stab feints that dictate the pace of the fight and are simply too of an effective tool for the maa to use.

    So what we see now is that the reason why these classes or setups seem so OP is because they rely on their unreadable feints ( 1H stab feints). The reason why they’re unreadable is because it has a fast release time but also because the animation isn’t profound there is no way to know whether or not the attack will transition into a feint or not.

    My suggestion is to either make the animation when they feint more profound or reduce the window even more on 1H attacks.

    On a side note I think the dragging system needs to be revisited, from accelerations to deacclerations. Some weapons and combo’s that are being manipulated in such a way that they break the animations or they hit with the handle( see bardouche, halberd, etc)

    My personal view and opinion of this game that it should not revolve around the mastering of gimmicks, but the game should revolve around timing, smart usage of feints, mindplay, footwork and experience.

    1. Slowly try to rebalance weapons by asking us through newpost like these what we think.

    Managing a community doesn’t have to be difficult.

    First and foremost you need to have a clear view of what you, the developers want this game to be. This process has to happend before the game is released publicly since once you release a game it will attract alot of different people with even more different opinion and input of how the game should change from there.

    Changing the game dramatically when the game has been released for over a month means that you’ve built you a playerbase. This is a player base who play the game because they love it for what it is any drastic change can and will most likely damage this longterm playerbase.

    Depending on how you think the game should be played you will have to pick between the casual and the competetive player. It is obvious that if you think this game to be competetive that you should favor the longterm players AKA the competetive players.

    Secondly you need to know your game and know exactly where its issues lie by playing it and understanding it. I know this can be hard since you’re a ‘small’ company but thats why company’s hire testers who agree with your vision of the game and give feedback accordingly. Or as you have tried to have a balance council.

    This isn’t a bad concept actually, but its sad that you had a council that you either ignored the valid feedback that was given due to lack of understanding and experience or that you simply didn’t listen because you didn’t care what the “veteran players who always get mad at change” say.

    So depending on how you think the game should be played you will have to choose and support that playerbase.

    Since this game is not a long term casual game because it does not offer the services or content of a long term casual multiplayer game. Casual games are filled with other content and types of “farming” or character progression since they have to make up for the depth of the multiplayer experience. Warframe is an excellent example for this you will obviously have to support and listen to your competetive player base since they are the only base you can build your game on.

    What I would do is I would play the game more and try to play against the ‘best’ players and see what they’re doing and understand what makes them good because I think no matter how much you read about these things you will never understand them as good as when you actualy experience them. Then you will have a sense of urgency because you can’t accept that certain things are present in your game for such a long period of time (see vanguard charge).

    Again I understand you don’t have the time to do this, but then again you need to have someone you can trust with this job who loves this game and has an open mind but still holds the company’s view of how the game should be.

  • @Sophax:


    The cool down on dodge is already quite substantial, hell it’s even unresponsive at times nowadays. And the stamina use of dodge is pretty hefty when you couple it with all the other actions the MaA can perform. As far as I am aware, it’s only been nerfed, I don’t think the dodge mechanic itself needs anymore tweaking.

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