Key configurations?

  • So, what are you key configurations? I am still using the default ones but the scroll attacks are a little odd, so I was wondering if anyone has a suggested key to bind the scroll attacks to?

  • You can rebind em all you want.

    None better really.

  • I’m a default junkie. I never change my key binds in any game I play. The scroll attacks probably will take a bit of getting used to for newer players, and those that would have used the scroll attacks in Age of Chivalry would be more familiar with them.

  • I bound mouse2 to overhead and middle mouse to parry, just to make it consistent with the AoC controls I was so used to. Aside from that I have projectile camera bound to B and will probably leave it that way because I don’t see much point in being able to move your mouse in the scoreboard, except perhaps once you can votekick players via the scoreboard - but hey I can just admin abuse kick people anyway. :P

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