Chivalry Open-World Sandbox MMORPG (Idea)

  • Hello everybody!

    My nickname is Tauz, I’m from Brazil, new here on the forum but have 600HS + in chivalry and love this game! I’m 27 years old, have played even Atari and can say that Chivalry has been the most fun and unique game I have played since last year!

    So my idea for a “new chivalry” would be in an open world and sandbox medieval MMORPG.

    This world could be the two kingdoms: Agatha / Mason, where you choose which kingdom will serve.

    In this world, when you create your character, would not be classes as Vanguard / Knight etc. … the idea is that every player can create multiple skills, archer, knight skills. Have a skill tree to unlock with bows, swords, axes… (Like Skyrim for example)

    (Every player must also be able to use a shield so that the archers are not too OP)

    And most importantly you should have is something that has already Chivalry: The winner of a battle, should not be the one who has the “best weapon”, but the most skillful.

    Imagine then a warrior with the best sword and his best armor, being defeated by someone much “lower” in their armor and swords. It would be fantastic!

    Of course items like armor, swords will improve your warrior, but the key to being a good warrior, is to be skillful! I think the advantage is to be your skill!

    Rust and Dayz are now a big hit, but I really hate these 2 games, but evil finish, are games where who has weapons, equipment, has an advantage of about 10000% who does not.

    It would be really fantastic ride in an open world with my friends Chivalry saving life or not some Agathas or Masons meet on the way, doing quests in the mountains, acquiring rare items, customize appearance.
    All this with the gameplay of Chivalry that is just fantastic!

    Well, I really do not know if someone had given this idea, because I could not find in the forum!

    Torn Banner congratulations for the excellent work, congratulations to the community that has helped improve the game!

    Thank you all and if possible to comment! = D

  • I don’t think it’s possible. Due to the fact that CHivalry is running on the vanilla Ureal 3 Engine, only 64 are supported. Without modifying theEngine itself it would be a hell lot of work do accomplish that.

    I know it is sad, but I’ve thought about this myself for about a Million times and I’ve given up the idea :/

  • Lalalolo, Mortal online uses Unreal Engine 3 and is an MMO with an open world, with real time combat.

    In saying that, the game was designed around it being an MMO, not a fast paced competitive multiplayer arena style game.

  • lol wat


  • This comes up from time to time, along with Chiv2.

    TLDR; Chiv combat requires a better server/client relationship than an MMO environment can support given current technology, connection speed, and server cost.

    That’s also entirely ignoring the design implications and how the current chiv experience is at complete odds to MMO experience. It would be a very different game and would probably end up like ESO.

  • I cant say much, but something is coming. Something amazing.

  • Don’t be such a tease, crushed. You know we’re hungry.

  • TB doesn’t have the man-power or the finances to make such a game. MMO’s are also extremely risky from a business perspective. If it doesn’t become extremely popular you could lose millions of dollars.

    Plus MMO’s suck donkey-dick.

  • @dudeface:

    Don’t be such a tease, crushed. You know we’re hungry.

    Not only that but you cant even imagine how amazing the combat system is with the right tweaks and changes, mechanics.

  • Can’t MMO chiv cause ping.

    Inconsistent fights = rage.
    rage = quit.
    quit = ded game.


    I cant say much, but something is coming. Something amazing.

    The second you are allowed to say more, you must PM me.

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