Chivalry Medieval Warfare for the mac! [Working] [How To]

  • **[Crustacean Soup:

    Cutting out the middle man. If you want to use Crossover to run Chivalry, look at

    However, we do not endorse nor do we support using Crossover.**]


    Hello fellow chivalry players. A lot of us (I hope) have been waiting for a port for chivalry for the mac. Chivalry uses the udk engine, so it is very possible. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there’s going to be a port anytime soon, so here’s a little how to of how to set up chivalry for your mac.

    1. Uninstall steam from your mac if you already have it, it complicates things as you need the windows version of steam.
    2. Install steam by using CROSSOVER, you can get a 14 day trial or purchase it
    3. Visit [Crustacean Soup: removed spam] and make sure you have crossover installed.
    4. Click on the word crosstie (it’s hyperlinked) and confirm, after that crossover will start downloading chivalry on your mac, follow the instructions!
    5. enjoy chivalry on your mac!

  • It’s also possible to sign up as an advocate for crossover, which will get you crossover free, but will require you to test out some games and see if they work on your device!

  • Only the developers could possibly code the game for Mac, which they haven’t/never will. Unless they outsourced their code to these guys, this is fake.

  • Edit: Crustacean fixed it.

  • Developer

    This isn’t fake, or illegal. It’s just instructions on how to use Crossover to run the game, which is naturally completely unsupported by us. The link to his website has been edited out because it’s unnecessarily spammy, however.

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