Like to say THANK YOU to Torn Banner!!!

  • I would like to say thanks to Torn Banner for fixing the game launcher issue as it effected me and a lot of people I know that play chivalry.

    my game launcher appeared half off the screen and wouldn’t allow me to play the game at all as I couldn’t hit play, and since you couldn’t move that window at that time I was basically screwed as I imagine a lot of others were, and since I was banned at the time I couldn’t even look for a fix on the forums.

    thanks to Jake from state farm for helping me find a temporary work around this also,
    there was a way to play the game by going deep in the files and clicking on the udk file, but that’s irrelavent now as that no longer works since they fixed the launcher issue and you can actually move the window like a normal one.

    Thanks alot Torn Banner for fixing this and for fixing this issue in a timely manner also.
    much love

    if you guys can help all the new players you are getting by fixing the rank bug next I think itll do every 1 some good

  • Good to see a thread that isn’t someone having a sook. Much respect WARSAW :)

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