BADGUY Dirty Deadliest Warrior Script.

  • Dump this into a .bat file beside your steamcmd.exe and run the .bat
    Good luck. Will help as much as I can if anyone has issues.
    Make sure you have direct X installed and up to date.
    Steam account is only necessary for updates.

    This script has the option of using Notepad++. Get it here:
    If you are running on a server core install of 2012, grab and extract to C:\

    @echo off
    REM Change these variables
    set steamaccount=Steam account name
    set steampass=Steam account password
    REM Don't change these variables
    set homedir=%CD%
    set serverdir=%homedir%\steamapps\common\chivalry_dw_ded_server
    set startup=%serverdir%\Binaries\Win32\CDW.exe
    set vars=?steamsockets?dedicated=true -seekfreeloadingserver -Port=7777 -QueryPort=7778 -maxplayers=
    set editor=notepad
    if exist "c:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe" goto np++
    goto menu
    set editor=c:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
    REM Add options and modify the list as needed
    echo ================================================================================
    echo Welcome to a BADGUY Deadliest Warrior script
    echo ================================================================================
    echo This script is quick. This script is dirty.
    echo Don't close this window. Let's move on.
    echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    echo   1\.    Arena                      32 Players        Fjord
    echo   2\.    Duel                       3 Players        Dojo
    REM echo   3\.    Gametype                   # Players        MAP
    REM echo   4\.    Gametype                   # Players        MAP
    REM echo   5\.    Gametype                   # Players        MAP
    REM echo   6\.    Gametype                   # Players        MAP
    REM echo   7\.    Gametype                   # Players        MAP
    REM echo   8\.    Gametype                   # Players        MAP
    REM echo   9\.    Gametype                   # Players        MAP
    echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    echo   a.    Update Game Server
    echo   b.    Edit CDWEngine
    echo   c.    Edit CDWGame
    echo   d.    Exit
    echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    set /P opt=Please select an option:
    if %opt% == 1 goto 1
    if %opt% == 2 goto 2
    REM if %opt% == 3 goto 3
    REM if %opt% == 4 goto 4
    REM if %opt% == 5 goto 5
    REM if %opt% == 6 goto 6
    REM if %opt% == 7 goto 7
    REM if %opt% == 8 goto 8
    REM if %opt% == 9 goto 9
    if %opt% == a "%homedir%\steamcmd.exe" +login %steamaccount% %steampass% +force_install_dir %homedir% +app_update 258680 +quit & goto early
    if %opt% == b "%editor%" "%serverdir%\CDWGame\Config\PCServer-CDWEngine.ini" & goto early
    if %opt% == c "%editor%" "%serverdir%\CDWGame\Config\PCServer-CDWGame.ini" & goto early
    if %opt% == d goto exit
    echo Please select an available option.
    goto early
    set map=FFA-Fjord
    set players=32
    goto start
    set map=Duel-dojo
    set players=3
    goto start
    set map=
    set players=
    goto start
    set map=
    set players=
    goto start
    set map=
    set players=
    goto start
    set map=
    set players=
    goto start
    set map=
    set players=
    goto start
    set map=
    set players=
    goto start
    set map=
    set players=
    goto start
    @echo off
    START %startup% %map%%vars%%plugins%%players%
    goto early

  • So uh, what does it do?

  • Seems like it is basically a menu. You launch this file, you get presented a couple of options; Set the start up map, update the server, edit the config files.

    What I don’t get is why this script forces you to use notepad++, you can just have the script send a command to open the txt file.
    That way the user’s preferred text editor opens up.

    Not to mention, this file path seems wrong set serverdir=%homedir%\steamapps\common\chivalry_dw_d ed_server
    That space at d ed seems like it would break things, especially because the whole thing is not in quotes.

  • @flippy: The script will basically just give you a starting point and will download all of the server files, and gives you the ability to start a couple of different maps, etc. built for the basic server operators. It used the command line. I may transfer it to visual basic at some point. It’s really built for Server Core installs of windows at this point as they lack a gui.

    @Raizio: Notepad++ is my preference, it can however be changed. I’ve dumped in an “if exist…” to use notepad instead if they don’t have np++.

    There’s not actually a space there in the forum entry… just went to edit it out and it’s not there. wtf? Changed the post to code instead of quote and it looks fixed, albiet the text color is nearly unreadable. Good catch.

  • Didn’t see the if exist, well done.
    Forum acting weird? Not that new, glad it is fixed now though!

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