UDK.exe has crashed

  • Hi Everyone!

    So I’ve been playing Chivalry for the last two to three days without any problems, all the sudden it stops working. It’ll bring up the launcher, I’ll click the play Chivalry button, it’ll launch Chivalry and get to the Torn Banner logo and then crash. It brings up the “UDK.exe as stopped working” error and then it crashes. I’ve gone through the list of fixes posted here, but none of them have worked. I’m not sure why it all the sudden stopped working, but I’m hoping you can help. I’ve attached the launcher log from the crash and the dxdiag info for my computer. My graphics card is a NVIDIA NVS 4200, so I know it’s old, but it definitely still has the capability of running this game perfectly fine.

    Hope you all can help!

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