• And the game was $25, so it would need to be $75 to top me. I actually did it to support them, and get my friends into it. What a nice guy.

  • Some people have managed 3 screens properly though I don’t know their hardware.

    The game plays out fine on one anyway. Honestly I didn’t really expect this game to support things like eyefinity. And really your issue probably won’t be high on many people’s priorities list I’m afraid. Someone had to say it.

  • you have to make a custom video settings file. I had this across Two screens working ok. Last year , will dig around in my rigs for it.

  • that’s just what we want and need .

    a bunch of spam guards with 12 ft swords playing on 3 monitors, that’ll make it more fun for us im sure, and fix the balance issues too right.

  • HAHA triple monitor setup that’s sick, I hope you can get it working. I bet it works without problems on other games yeah?
    Are you running xfire or SLI? you pretty much need to at that high of resolution. Well guess what? CHIVALRY HAS FUCKING ZERO MULTI-GPU SUPPORT. I spent months testing and tweaking trying to get my xfire to work well but in the end I just disabled the second card and run single since it works a lot better. Many other indie games have xfire and eyefinity support (Hawken, NS2, many more….) I don’t know why TB is so incapable.

  • There is a setting in the UDKEngine.ini for mulit monitors.

  • Developer

    In UDKEngine.ini / CDWEngine.ini, change




    1. I’ve made a note of our not exposing this to the GUI
    2. There are GUI scaling issues regardless of this setting. With 16:9 monitors these are particularly pronounced as they cut off the top and bottom of every screen. With 16:10 monitors this doesn’t happen, but the in-game HUD still renders off the screen.

  • I am very appreciative that you found my post. I apologize for the method of which I had to expose this, but it was the only way.

    A patch to increase the FOV for higher resolutions which Chivalry already supports couldn’t be much of an issue, but this is a very important feature for higher level gamers. The issue seems to stem from the vertical resolution having less FOV scaling than horizontal. Even with the fix, it gives the game a sluggish feeling not being able to have the ground pass quickly under your feet.

    If you require anyone to aid in this, feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time, and please provide updates when available. I promise to buy 3 copies of Deadliest Warrior if you fix this issue, lol. But seriously, I’m literally paying for this fix.

  • Developer

    Next beta round for Eyefinity and Surround. Feedback will be appreciated when we roll it out.

  • You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.

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