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  • Hello
    I am an old casual player of AoC and was reinstalling when i saw this. Can’t wait to see it out. Will be cool. =) Here is a bit of info on me if anyone cares. =D name is Bryce. I am. . .(counts my fingers) this many years old (holds up 20 fingers) and I sucked at AoC badly. =)

    Question. Is this the right place to put this? Should there be a Indroductions Section somewhere? If there is i couldn’t see it at 1st glance. =) thanks.

    ~Mr. Cookie~

  • Developer

    This is the proper place for such posts, welcome to the forum and new community mate, glad to see you here :).

  • You’re going to have to show me that 20 finger trick sometime!

    Glad to have you on the forums!


  • The Slev welcomes you to this board of messages. He also requires a tax of three fingers on all posts. A cleaver will be provided.

  • /me eats your cleaver… then implodes.

    no cleaver for you.

  • Hi,
    i wanted to make an introduction and felt this was the right place(i didn’t want to make a new topic).
    My name is Ivo i live in Croatia, small mediterranean country in Europe.
    I’m(was) a casual player of AoC, and fan of medieval action games. I tried several games like M&B, Oblivion, Dark Messiah, and they were just not good enough(not even AoC).
    I’ve been following Chivalry for some time and I hope you will be the first to make a satisfying medieval FPS.

    P.S.: maybe this will be an introduction topic when Chivalry becomes popular and everybody start playing it :D

  • Nice to meet ya Ivokosir.

    Happy to have you on the forums.

    I’d like to ask you… What did all the medieval games you mention lack?

  • Well, it depends on a game, but basically it’s realism. I never feel like I’m swinging the sword. Basically what you need to do is LMB or RMB (and sometimes you need to drag mouse or press movement key - M&B and PVK II) and pray that you stay alive. Die by the sword did a different approach, and I respect that, but the game itself was done pretty clumsy. When it comes to multiplayer, no offence, but it’s just a catastrophe… Every online melee game is super-hard for starters. When i started playing games like savage, pvk ii, AoC, the only kill i had was half wounded beginner like me. Also in every game footwork is very bad (because no one has it), and maybe it should be more like Assassins Creed (they have done it very smoothly in my opinion). But I think these flaws can be fixed by more realistic games and a lot of work.

    As I said I’m hoping Chivalry will be better than everyone else. :)

  • Hello everyone, i hope you don’t mind me intruding on your topic Mr.Cookie but i also would like to introduce myself as a new guy to the forums. I have been playing Age of Chivalry for maybe 2 or 3 years now and it is probably the best game i have ever played on the computer besides the Battlefield franchise. My favorite class would have to be either the Knight or the Sergent class, in fact i love the mace and flail so much that i often pretend i am wielding a real one and pretend to do a head explode on my brothers. I am looking forward to the Chivalry: Medieval Warfare/Battle for Agatha game and hope that it will live up to my expectations of the greatest game ever created. I wish the entire Team Chivalry/Torn Banner studious the best of luck in the making of this true epic. :k1:

  • Another invader here, just saying hi :]

    I’l be following, best of luck dudes.

  • I am also new and have never heard of this new fangled Age of Chivalry thing. Nope.

  • slygoat fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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