How well with this run on my system?

  • as the title says im wondering how well this will run on my system, its a bit older but hopefuly i can run it at above minimal settings. any help would be appreciated!

    intel core 2 quad processor Q6700 2.66gig quad core
    6gb ddr2 ram
    nvidia 560gtx ti 2gb

  • Medium-High if you are okay playing at 1280x720 or another lower resolution.

    I have a similar rig. and get about 30 fps doing that. Take it to medium-low if you want more.

    intel core 2 quad processor Q6600 2.4 gig quad core
    8gb ddr2 ram
    AMD 4870 1gb

    Edit: Maybe more. I am not as familiar with the Nvidia cards. Have only been keeping up with AMD.

  • ah alright. i appreciate the feedback! will definitely have to tool around with it once i get the game but it is nice to know ahead of time what im looking at! thanks a bunch.

  • I suggest you just run the game at minimal settings, better performance will make it easier for you to fight. For me it’s all or nothing, everything on high, or every at minimum.

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