Votekick Timeout

  • I’ve started to see more and more people having vote-kick wars and this does nothing but interrupt everyone else on the server who just wants to play the game. I just came from a game where a newbie and a level 40+ were both starting to vote-kick each other with no success. This enraged many people who also attempted to kick both of them. In the end, everyone gets distracted by the constant messages asking them to vote yes or vote no. I wanted to know what you guys think on having a cool-down period on vote-kick spamming. It’s just ridiculous seeing people vote-kick each other for the entirety of the game and really spoils mine and the whole servers game.:grumpy:

  • Developer

    Edit these two settings in PCServer-UDKGame.ini (look in DefaultGame.ini for the explanations of what all of these options, and others, do):


    ;The minimum time between successive kick votes against the same player
    ;The minimum time between successive votes initiated by the same player

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