Mouse drag speed during an attack.

  • Hullo folks, played the game awhile, lurked the forums awhile.

    Never felt compelled to post anything, most of anything I agreed with or raged about has been posted already. Couldn’t find anything particularly relevant for my following query.

    Not sure how recently but something i’ve noticed once in awhile. Your drag speed is capped when swinging weapons, perfectly reasonable stops the game being a spin-fest. So how come some players seem to be able to turn much faster while swinging? Sometimes it’s hard to tell, could be de-sync between the animation starting on your screen and them clicking for really reals, you see a vanguard start swinging then bam spins and you’re hit. Sometimes it’s hard to tell with lookdown overheads, again could be de-sync. Just occasionally i’ll see someone starting and overhead then BAM breaks their spine to look at the floor.

    What compelled me to post was playing on a duel server. In a duel server spinny backwardy leany tactics are very prevalent and you have to be careful, I am only just learning to spin and lean back overhead with the messer. Still not very good at it. I faught one player who took this to some kind of (what I thought impossible) extreme. He would start swinging and then lean back and forth quickly so as to mask the overhead and frequently chain into a duck backward overhead. Except when he did this duck backward overhead he would spin like a top. I would watch the overhead animation start and then weeeee hes spun all the way around. Watched this several times as at first I thought I was just being beat by something I hadn’t seen but again and again he seemed to move during his attack much faster than I thought possible.

    Are there methods of accelerating your actual swing speed (as in mouse drag speed) during an attack? If not then the game is behaving obscenely inconsistently. Seriously this guy was not lagging, spun all the way around (one time almost 360) while doing an overhead. Not just turning the whole way around but turning fast. Just to note, i’m not trying to find out how to do this, just been seeing it about. I don’t really like fighting people who can literally do something I cannot because of having an unedited game or something.

    PS: Why are broadswords so much longer than their model? Seriously every server is broadsword spam.

  • There’s a bug where if you combo drag pretty hard your look speed for a split second gets uncapped and you end up spinning like a ballerina on crack. But it’s not too common. If he was doing it that consistently then maybe he just has a higher sensitivity. Try it yourself. Start an attack and try to spin all the way around. I’m able to do it every time.

  • The turnspeed cap can be broken during combos pretty easily, but what the other player sees can vary. Occasionally you’ll actually see the full spins (sometimes you can do a 1080 haha), whereas other times it will just desync.

    Doing a full 360 overhead is rather common though, with the intent of missing with the start of the release and hitting with the end of the release once you’ve turned around completely to draw an early parry. In this case I don’t think the horizontal turn cap quite effects vertical strikes like it does horizontal slashes, but its still not an overly fast turn. What you’re seeing could fall into the first bracket (bugged out turn cap).

  • Its negative acceleration.

    You can test it out. Swing and move your mouse as fast as possible and you’ll turn like 20 degrees. But swing and move you mouse slower and you will turn far more.

  • In addition to this there is another bug tied into this one. You can get the same effects by playing in 3rd person with a high FOV. What is happening is that because you are zoomed out, the same mouse movement distance is amplified because the player model is further away and because the player can seem more of his model and the world around him the spins and look down overheads are much faster using the same mouse movement that you would in first person.

  • you guys are forgetting about a little thing called 3rd person lol

    but ya most of the time when i desync i’ll do like a 720 as well.

  • @50ShadesofClay:

    you guys are forgetting about a little thing called 3rd person lol

    but ya most of the time when i desync i’ll do like a 720 as well.

    I didnt if you read my post…. .hehe

  • That’s all fair enough. Just messy. I suppose I do my best to ‘not take the game seriously’ cause it’s much too broke as shit to get all excited about. Just heavily disliking how (duels especially) are becoming who can animation bug the most. I’ve faught ppl who have excellent footing and did a ballsy matrix to win, not even feinting. Others just lean back n forth so you can’t tell whether their accelerating or slowing down an attack then twirl all over the place until they aren’t even swinging but something is hitting you.

    For the most part you just back away and watch them waste stamina but some people seem to be able to maintain you as an accurate target while doing all this pirouetting. Also as discussed everywhere else forever, shields. Jesus Christ, if someone is using a 1H half the time it doesn’t even raise in time if they riposte. Don’t wanna be immediately raising a shield lest they parry into kick.

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