Combo into Kick.

  • So I’ve been playing around with kick lately and it has a few moments here and there were it can be used.
    What I would really like to see is an option to combo into kick. Both with successful parry/shield block and after an attack.

    I think this would allow for further depth of combat by giving players another choice instead of parry->riposte or no riposte. Parry->kick could be very useful in certain situations, particularly in some 1vX scenarios.

    Also being able to attack, combo into kick could be a useful tool.

    Preferably kick would also be tracer based and elevation bugs non-existant.

    What do you guys think, Should Kick be included with the current Combo system AND should shields have the option to shield-bash on block?

  • Hmmm…I think with shields it would work very well. But not with kicks. I can’t really give a cohesive reason why I don’t think it wouldn’t work. But I feel like being able to combo into a kick would just be way too strong. Think about it, it’s unflinchable, and can’t be parried or even really matrixed.

    I would say yes for shield bash combo, no for kick combo. But there’s no option for that so I’ll just vote for Other.

  • Would be okay if kick had a sufficiently large combo time. Shield bash is actually less of a problem because you don’t have to stand on one leg to do it and you can already combo the buckler strike (with flails). Also yes for kick tracers!

  • I’ve always found it frustrating that you can’t kick in recovery. I’d like to see this tried out, at least.

  • Kick is a really good finisher, but you can also anticipate it and punish people for it(in its current form). If you were allowed to combo kicks, your enemy might have no way of avoiding an unblockable 5 damage that can kill them. People already get mad about dying to kicks. While I love kick kills, I feel like this might be too much. I honestly can’t decide though.

    Combo fast kick might be okay, since fast kick doesn’t do damage…as far as I know.

  • I really dont think kick needs this buff

    Kick is already an extremely powerful tool in duels as finisher or forcing your enemy into a defensive state

  • I just wish a kick would reliably happen when I hit the kick button.

  • @dudeface:

    I just wish a kick would reliably happen when I hit the kick button.

    And when that kick happens I want it to reliably connect.

  • That would certainly make kick unique.

  • @fvonb:

    And when that kick happens I want it to reliably connect.

    This is what would keep it balanced though :). You got a 50/50 chance after your foot passes through the enemy.

  • I don’t think so. I think it would make the game really frustrating when you’re trying to kill someone quickly and efficiently and he’s just kick stalling you all game until his team arrives. It would also be a nerf to shields which really don’t need any more right now. I think kicking should have a clear but brief “set up” period to do it as it does currently. You can’t really stop kicks so I don’t think this should be a thing. Feint to kick and jump kicks are fine as they are.

  • If it was implemented, there would be no reason not to kick during a combo, since it would be unblockable and unflinchable.
    The only way it would be balanced is if the kick lead the atacker into recover state, then maybe. But it would not be good, and no one would use it.

  • I just wish kicks would queue normally. Currently it’s not very reliable, and i have to mash the kick button to kick right after my recover, which means it has to be a light kick.

  • As someone who uses kicks a lot. I tend to jump kick a lot as well because many see a jumping vanguard as a lunge and parry. The jump kick is great for stunning them then an OH. The problem I find is the stamina drain is huge and many times the jump kick gets you bubble stuck. There is also the issue of, if you have enough stam left for a swing, a parry or a jump, you dont have enough for a kick because of the high stamina costs. This is why many times when you press the kick button, nothing happens, not enough stamina to execute the move.

    I pretty much already combo into a kick, just not as fast if it was tied into the combo system. The problem lies with the fact that you cannot parry or block a kick. So to put this into a combo would be on the unbalanced side if you ask me.

  • O well.

    Yeah I use jump-kick a lot also, standard kick not so much, being rooted to the spot makes it so easy for a person to avoid.

  • What about the Shieldbash on block and kick on parry options, so no combo into kick, just those?

  • I said this in another thread, but I think having a parry-able shove in place of the quick kick would be better. You could combo into it and move while doing it. All it would do is make space, no damage or stun, and parrying would stop any knockback. For shield users, I’d make it the shield punch you get with the flail and javelins. The slow kick and shield bash could be the same, but be tracer based like you said. I like shield bash on block though.

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