Keymapping problem

  • hi

    i am getting a very werid bug when i try to remap the z key for chatting. if i try to remap it, it will at first accept it, but after i closed and saved it, chatting is reset to the default key when i open the menu again, and aswell the first 10- 15 binds are overwritten with a random buton like
    move forward - enter
    move backwards - enter
    move left - enter

    and so on.

    related to this, even if i dont try to remap the button, when i press “z” ingame it does let me chat, but as soon the server switches the map, it doesnt work anymore - i have to press “y” to chat now.
    i cant write special characters aswell, like i cant type “:)”. it will end up like “=>” or something like this.

    after the next mapcycle all is normal again.
    i think this means that the game constantly switches between europe and american/england keyboard layout

    sry for my weird english, i am from germany, thats why. i hope you understand what i mean.

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