Spawn Adjustments

  • I believe that spawn times should be longer for defending teams in which there is an objective to accomplish.
    Most defending teams already have a distinct advantage, but on top of that they usually instantaneously spawn right back where the offensive team’s objective is. A 20 second re-spawn timer for a defending team would level the playing field for the offense, or even have both teams under this 20 second spawn condition.
    This defensive advantage is most prevalent in the objective “Protect the King.”
    Usually the king is stuffed behind at least one or two knights, and several archers, the offense is usually decimated by the time they get to the king, which isn’t a problem. The problem is that the players they killed near instantly re-spawn at the King’s side. So it just becomes a rinse-and-repeat process. Yes, I’m fully aware you CAN complete this objective as offense, it’s just very rare that it happens, as the offense has to be very well coordinated, while the defense just has to spawn.
    Any other suggestions to fix these sorts of problems besides increasing the spawn time would be welcomed as well.

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