A Friendly Message to TB

  • After playing other Games I did a snoop in the directory structures. The configurations of players were not under
    the My Documents/games folder.

    These other games were near perfect, saving my udkinput and other stuff with no problems, the games even loaded
    very fast. On a further look the Udk folders within steam were also less cluttered.

    I ask in a friendly way could a few of the problems be your structure of the folders and were they are on local computers? Lastly Quite a few games ( udk ) are cropping up of late, you would not be thought of any less if you discreetly simply asked other developers for help. After all your games are established so I can see no threat from a competitor.

    Lastly not to complain but to mention if you did away with the path my documents and kept your files all in the
    steam folders, would the buttons infact no longer be over written every time an update came along? As that is
    a really annoying feature having one’s configs deleted and reset.


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