Team objective problems on roundstart

  • so i have a problem with my TO map and dont know how to fix it

    basically the objective works before the round started perfectly fine, but once i add bots and the round starts properly, it doesnt work anymore

    does anyone know what to do?

  • Paste your kismet into a text file and attach it here.

  • here it is

  • At first glance, your are firing Register Objective Sequence 3 times, and Activate Primary Objective Stage 6 times.

    Check out some of my example maps, mainly AOCTO-1_BasicSetup_Ex!

    Those actions should only fire once, on level load. You can add logs to the outputs of your events to troubleshoot further. Logs will display a message to the screen, and can be used to see when events are/are not firing.

  • Yeah i know, in the beginning in only let them start up once and when it didnt work i started experimenting thats why they are starting so many times

    it doesnt work with just on level load aswell

    ill look at the example map

  • Also, double check all of your World Setting properties to verify that it is indeed running it as a TO game mode. I can’t see object variable links, but I assume you are using a Generic Objective actor?

  • yep its a generic objective actor

    basically, the objective is a cap point where you cap a flag (think of battlefield), when the flag hits the bottom, agatha wins

    now this works perfectly fine, but once the round begins after the 10 second timer, the flag just doesnt move anymore, the trigger still works because i have a chat message bound to it, but the flag is just frozen

    no clue why i looked at your example map, i have it exactly the same setup now as in the example map :/

    Yeah i also checked the world settings, everything set to AOCTeamobjective

  • However i noticed when the round starts, it says “First Objective” instead of Team objective, but i guess thats just the caption of it

  • So this is happening if you touch the flag pre-round? You can put a gate in front of it, set to closed. Have that gate be opened on Level Reset only. Any pre-round interaction is wonky with Kismet.

  • No when i dont do anything pre round and start the round asap, it also doesnt work, without touching the objective at all :/

  • Wierd, the objective also doesnt work after round restart when i completely unlinked it from anything objective related

  • I found the problem

    for the objective, i have a isTeam function that makes it so only agatha can capture the flag

    apparently when i go TO, the EFAC_AGATHA doesnt get recognized or something, because when i unlink the isTeam function it works perfectly even after round restart

    but the problem is that everyone can cap it then…

    how do i fix this?

  • Am i missing something or is the isTeam not working properly?

  • I have not used that node for anything. It is possible it was deprecated by the AOC_Trigger Volumes. I would recommend those for anything faction specific. The Push able, and Capture examples use this system. You just make a Mason AOC_Trigger Volume, and a separate Agatha one.

  • Ah i see, thanks for the help :D

  • yep works perfectly now, if i only knew about this a few hours ago, haha.

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