Game Updated and NOW no worky

  • Yes, I tried to launch Chivalry and as I did it decided to update for 8minutes approxitmately and now I cant launch the game? Chivalry no worky after update… Please HELP ME! I’m fat and out of shape and want to play more Chivalry.

  • Something that worked for a mate was going to the documents folder and deleting CMW from there “C:\Users\Cam\Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare” Then load the game, it will reinstall the UDK stuff which will only take a min. Boom. Tell me how it went?

  • Developer

    There was a problem launching the game that has now been fixed.

  • Just updated now when I go to launch through steam the game starts to load and then after 10 seconds makes the error sound and closes itself.

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