What server provieder allows custom content for chivalry?

  • HI fellas i would like to ask which server provider if theres even is any support custom content for chivalry.My server is from multiplay but they still clamed to me that devs are not supporting custom content at the moment for their servers.So the question is is there any who does ?I would like to play a custom maps on my server but i just cant cause its not possible they say.Where is the custom content really unplayable cause of devs?

  • You can install custom content on any Chivalry server to my knowledge. The instructions can be pretty confusing but basically you need to download workshop files and then upload them to the correct folder in your server files.

  • ew just get NFO

  • As long as you can access the server files using FTP then you should be able to install any mods you would like.

    Although, from my experience with Multiplay, they absolutely hate giving paying users access to their own servers to do stuff like this. I might be wrong in the case of Chivalry.

    Anyway, I know for sure that if you want to host a European server then SimRai has all the things necessary to host a quality modded server.

  • SimRai for Europe.

  • SimRai is also in Chicago now. Definitely the best provider EU, wouldn’t hurt to try

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