Citadel. Strange things go on.

  • First off the ping. By the time you get to the 3rd stage everyone is over 100. No idea why. The ping just steadily goes up as agatha pushes foward. Needs to be sorted out.

    High ping issues also happen in PTB and HTB game modes in DW come to think about it.

    Second citadel issue and probably the strangest issue is the client side crashes on the map. You may not think its that strange but…

    It happens to a large portion of the server. All at the exact same time.

    A very strange bug. The game freezes for about 2 seconds then you get the UDK.exe has stopped working message. Start up chiv again come back Into the server and there’s 8 people playing. From 32. Other people are rejoining complaining about a game crash. A game crash that many shared. The server didn’t crash the server is fine. But the game died. I’ve only noticed it on the second TO stage and it can happen multiple times. Its a very strange issue that can kill a server.

    Those two issues can make the map unplayable for some people and it can kill off an entire server population.

    In fact come to think about citadel is the only map I’ve experienced server crashes as well.

    Citadel is a very unstable map. Though FPS is excellent. Constant 62.

  • Though FPS is excellent. Constant 62.

    please tell me you’re joking

  • I see that crash sometimes but it’s not very frequent on the SEA servers.

  • The crash isn’t frequent doesn’t happen every game. Though sometimes I don’t get the crash but the chatlog suddenly get swamped by “everyone has abandoned the battle”.

  • Whenever I get a UDK.exe has stopped working message, it’s always on Shitadel. FPS is fine for me on max settings, yet like mentioned the ping of everyone always sky rockets whenever Citadel comes around.

  • I’ve had the mass crash happen 2 of the 4 times I’ve played citadel lately, usually I would just remove a map that does that but removing 20% of the TO maps isn’t good :(

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