Customizations not working

  • hi i purchased a helmet and my customizations dont save when i quit the game Q_Q
    are these settings locally stored wer i can edit a text file to manually set my customizations??
    or can i at least get my money back for the helmets i bought xDD

  • tbs hasnt responded to any of my emails either D:
    i think ive been scammed guess ill just do a customer experience report on the bbb xD

  • Your equipped helmets are stored at “My Games/Chivalry Medieval Warfare/UDKGame/Config/UDKCustomization.ini”.
    Look for the line that says “SelectedHelms=…”. This is where all 12 classes(4 per team, teams are Agatha, Mason and FFA) have their helmets saved. You can change the bit that says “Setting=…” to whatever helmet you want, but you’ll need to figure out the following first by trial and error:

    1. Which ClassID stands for which class.
    2. The ID’s of the DLC helmets.

    I don’t own these helmets myself so I can’t help you with that. But this is just as far as manually equipping helmets goes so I guess giving it a try yourself wouldn’t hurt. :)

  • wowo thxx it worked i wish i cud +1 res u!!

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