Ping increasing when swinging.

  • Playing this week I started to notice something about ping and swings. My ping was below 40 and this one guy had 88 ping solid as he was running around but as soon as he started swings and combos, his ping would rise to 95 and stay there till he quit swinging.

    The reason why I started to watch him was because everything he threw would blow through a majority of my parries. Now I will also say that he dragged quit a bit but I would like to think I am ok at parring them over all. I would also comment that most of his drag swings would stutter as well. This of course is a good sign of a drag and to wait to parry.

    Over several maps of watching him play while watching his ping it was clear that his ping would increase as he swung. Thus I am not sure if this is a result of his internet, the drags or what but the more I play this game I notice how much the ping differential is effecting game play in hit detection, parry effectivnes and most annoying range. In the case of hit detection, I get a lot of ghost stabs and swing throughs if the ping gap is more than 20ms. This is even worse with parry failures as they increase as teh ping gap increases. Then there is the whole irritating visual player range and it’s inconsistancy where at one point your enemy is out of range but still hits you. Or chasing them and ghost swinging when they appear with in range.

    The greater the ping gap between players becomes really frustrating when fighting two player of the same class but different pings. You can hit one guy at a range and miss the other guy at the same range.

    I notice a big difference in my play and scores between 30 ping and 80 ping. And when forced to play at 120 is really not playable for me. So I just dont understand how players even play at 200ms. Even more distrubing is when you have a 120ms + player taking the round. I am hopeful that something can be done to stablize and further optimize the netcode but if nothing else we need a working high ping kicker.

  • i’ve seen this happen, dunno if it happens to me personally but i’ve only seen it happen once

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