• Please, with all my hearth, add an option to nerf/disable shooting (pirates) and throwing stuff!
    It really pissed me off!!
    It ruins all my good gameplay!
    Thank you very much

    (Discussion about this suggestion is approved :D)

  • Currently the only thing you can do is lock the pirate class. The throwables are a part of the game, and should be used to their full extent. If you want to enforce a rule like that, ban anyone who uses a throwable. Simple.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I still like pirates. They look cool :D
    But I hate them using guns!!
    This isn’t COD.

    Btw, is raging allowed? ^^

  • Pirates are sorta underpowered.

    And you’re lucky they didn’t give them muskets.

  • i hate when the only time i get killed is when noobs throw shit and the people with 200 ping can land a headshot even if it missed u completely

  • That’s high ping in a game with client sided hit detection, with poor/ no compensation for ya. You hit what you see, even if you’re seeing the wrong thing in the wrong place. Also why high pingers break melee combat timing and usually don’t get flinched in wind up. But they make up over 50% of the people on every server I play, so I guess it’s tough shit for us.

    hehe, at least it’s still better than BF4.

  • I don’t have much trouble fighting Pirates, even when I have to charge them. The problem comes in when they wait for you to fight someone else then shoot you from behind and one-shot you. Can’t really bitch about them using smart tactics though, can you? Wait, you can and are. Nevermind.

  • lol i do that oy. this one time i hot 5 headshots shit was so cash. also i eliminate the winning team’s players and the most stack’s one at a time so it’s easier for me in the future. naginata noobs and dragging/feinting tryhards go down first.

  • Fighting them, easy.
    But when ur busy with a hardcore battle with somebody, and then a pirates shoots u from a distance…. >_<

  • No, just no.

  • Yes, please yes!

  • No, they’re fun and not so easy to master. Also, they always have a price. For spartans, it’s losing your spear (and if you got those smallers, well the price is not having a decent spear). Viking, well the price is you just lost your weapon. Etc etc.

    Indeed they may be why vikings are over the top in FFA or small team LTS, but then again, having all the classes look the same wouldn’t be good.

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