My LAN server don"t workl anymore since the today patch

  • I’m sick of this patch.
    We’re going to have a LAN game with 9 friends at home tomorrow and Now, today, this lovely patch prevent my pc to connect to the dedicated server with this message :

    " server failed to redirect to Steam socket URL"
    …… any pc in this room write this message
    I dont have such a connection to play with 9 friends on a distant server. So we play on Lan. We all bought the game (i own 4 PC and so 4 games) and…pouah !

    I launch my server on my pc with udklogging.exe and connect to it by the console. It was working yesterday before the patch (was testing my differents pc and some maps)

    SO ? any quick idea ? very Quick idea…?:frown-new:


  • Developer

    A) Don’t start the server with ?steamsockets in the command line. If you are, take that bit out
    B) Edit PCServer-UDKEngine.ini, find


    and flip it to


  • Waouh.

    You saved my life ! uh….my LAN !
    Many thanks !! Tomorrow there will be some heads on the Floor somewhere in Guadeloupe (FWI )
    I can go to bed and sleep !


    NB : Its works perfectly !

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