64 bit will not run…

  • Hello, I can’t seem to get the 64 bit versions of anything working, CMW.exe, UDK.exe, CDW.exe, CDWEditor. I can’t even get them to open. I immediately get a 0xc0000007b, application was unable to start correctly. Any ideas? I’ve made sure my direct x9.0, 11 files were up to date, all of the .net framework, every C++ distrib I could find, everything seems like it should work. Just upgraded to windows 8.1 to see if that would resolve the issue, which it did not. Also tried sfc scan, where no errors were reported. The 32 bit version will launch, but the 64 bit I have no luck with.

    Win 8.1 x64
    8gb ram
    GTX 560M with updated drivers.

    Any ideas?

    Edit: Solved. I went into the system32 and system64 folder and deleted all the dll files beginning with d3dx, then ran the dx web installer, fixed immediately.

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    I’m going to try to remember to make a note about that “fix”

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