• @oldpost:

    Proud to present the Hornburg AKA Helm’s Deep.

    This is very WIP, I’ve been holding onto the model for a quite some time but only now have I managed to get it working on the UDK. We definitely need a good texture artist with experience in texturing models using image editing software and 3ds max. Worst comes to worst I could still probably texture them but don’t expect anything better than Mount & Blade quality :eagerness: That’s really the biggest hassle, having to use custom models for the entire castle sure is a lot of work.

    As of now the people working on this project are:

    Kismet/Coding stuffs: Zombo Joe
    Terrain/ General map design: Breakfast Warrior
    Texturing:“Need Volunteers”

    The plan is for the map to basically mirror the helmsdeep map from AoC. That includes moving siege towers, scalable ladders and catapults. Not to forget blowing up the wall and capturing the flags. I don’t know how the balance will pan out but ideally I want this map to be played competitively in some fashion. Even if its just a novelty I think it will be pretty fun, there aren’t many castle sieging maps in Chivalry.

    If you would like to help out in any fashion please offer your help in this thread. Its a gargantuan task but I’m sure it can be done.

    If there is enough interest for this I could get motivated to quickly make a playable version, without all the fancy textures. :tongue:

    EDITED THE OP: 3/3/2014

    With the addition of the mapping contest by TBS I will work my ass off to win the first prize :eagerness:

    That being said the map requires play-testing as well as a texturer. It is in a playable state as of this post, check it out on Workshop.

    Updated the OP 5/23/2014

    With the map looking like its coming together I’m going to try to finish it once and for all.

    Some more recent pics


    image album http://imgur.com/a/JukVV


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3ALwKeSEYs

    Don’t give up on this !

    I don’t realy have any technical experience with mapping or texturing but if you make a playable version with the objectives I can give you feedback and bug reportings.

    I would even scrim with no textures at all if all the objectives work.

  • Oh good lord, don’t give up on this project.
    I’ll provide you with shitton of feedback!

  • I’ll post status updates from time to time.

    Today I got all the dynamic player spawns working so that player spawns will update as objectives get completed.
    I also added a bunch of placeholder props in anticipation for doing the objectives which are the next thing on my list.

    Objective wise its basically the same as the AoC map except the last objective will be a king objective and the king will be allowed to make a last stand in the tall spiral tower if he chooses. I might bar off the windows on the tower with invisible walls or something because otherwise the king could jump to his death now that I think about it.

    Oh yeah more screenshots.
    Click on it for the album.

    Terrain and making the map not look like shit will get worked on as soon as Breakfast gets back. :moody:

    I estimate that I’ll have something playable within a week if I work hard on it. But I might die in a car accident or something so its not set in stone.

    I’ve added functionality to the Siege Tower, it should get pushed and stopped the same way carts get pushed in TO. The bridge on the tower flips open once it reaches the wall.

    The ladders on the wall can be lifted up and pushed down by interacting with the top of the ladder, this allows defenders to throw the ladders down the ground if they choose to. I don’t think you can get crushed by the ladders unfortunately.

    I’m steadily learning how to use Kismet and I feel like I actually understand it now after spending 4 hours wrestling with it.

    EDIT #2:

    I ended up pulling an all-nighter, hopefully it was worth it.

  • Looks realy similar so far! I’m curious to see how you"ll handle the wall getting blown up after pushing the bomb cart. I presume just like in Hillside after you’ve burnt the torch?

  • What I’ll probably do is make the chunk of the wall that blows up invisible when its blowing up while simultaneously placing the broken part of the wall in its place.

    What I’m not sure how to do right now is that objective itself, I want to make the players interact with some barrels and carry on their back and then interact with the gratings to place them down. After there are enough barrels they should trigger the explosion once they get hit with a torch.

    Alternatively I could just do a bomb cart sequence which I already know how to do. I might just do that instead since thats how it was in the AoC map.

  • Good work! Keep it up Joe!

  • Alright so the map is now playable, this includes all the objectives, although no scoreboard feedback is in yet nor are there any markers.

    That being said it can now actually be enjoyed.

    Summary of objectives:

    Obj 1. Masons pushing Siege tower and lifting ladders to capture flag on the side wall.
    Obj 2. Masons must push the bomb cart to the gratings.
    Obj 3. Masons push ram to the gate and ram it down.
    Obj 4. Masons flood through the outer castle and capture flag above the gate.
    Obj 5. Masons continue to push through the castle and take the flag at the inner courtyard.
    Obj 6. King objective, he can hide in the tower :)


  • Oh man it looks freakin’ fantastic already!

    Feels like AoC.

  • Man it pretty much looks the same, well done! Can’t wait to play this :)

    But wasn’t there another capture point after you’ve blown up the wall in AoC, the well that is shown in your video ?

    For the first objective: do the agathians’s spawn get pushed back after capturing the wall? I don’t realy remmember how it was in AoC, but it would make sense that they should get pushed back so when they push teh bomb cart and capture the “well” it should be more balanced.

    If they don’t get pushed back the objective wouldn’t have much meaning to it besides being a time sink.

    Last objective looks realy good so far and I do think the ladder will add to the overal experience and balance.

    One thing I want to remark is that I hate objectives where the agathians spawn very close or on to the defending point like it was in AoC or like in stoneshill. But it probably need some testing to see how it works out. Its probably one of the reasons why it was chokepoint. If you didn’t kill them fast enough they’d just spawn again like a few feet away in the room.

  • Brb adding that objective I missed woops.

    Alright its been added.

    Next steps I must take are adding scoreboard info and map markers and then the whole logic side of the map is finished.

  • I’ve added progress/HUD markers all over the map and sound for all the pushables.

    The map is fully playable now, it just needs play testing. :)


  • Great job Zombojoe, perfect design and good distances to 32 slot, I think your map should be called AOCTO-HelmsDeep_p by be faithful to the original AOC, many thanks

    I can’t wait to put it on my server ;)

  • Yeah I’ll just change it to that next build I make.

    I’ve worked a bit on the landscape now.

    I’ll release a workshop build probably later today.

    Added http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=228082960

    To play open the console and type
    open AOCTO-helmsdeep

  • Very good, I recommend that you use the name AOCTO-HelmsDeep_p as TBS puts their maps, you avoid entering future conflict with another map that exists in workshop, add the “_p”


  • Oh I played this. Objective 1 was so much fun with the siege towers.

    Objective 2 and 3 pretty much impossible except for some oil for Agatha to repel them for any length of time - but hey that didnt matter.

    Great job overall, I only played it once but so nice having another TO map.

    Thanks to IA for hosting a TO server with custom maps intermingled.

  • Next build I’ll add the ammo boxes.

    Please let me know how I should tweak the spawns since I haven’t seen the map in action yet. I can also edit the time it takes to push/capture objectives, etc…

  • Workshop Build got updated

    • Added Torch Mini Objective for Bomb cart phase.
    • Added Working Catapult
    • Added Ammo Boxes
    • Improved the Terrain
    • Secret door at the Castle gates for defenders implemented
    • Implemented proper Spawn times for both sides

    I was thinking of making the Siege tower destructable. After it takes enough damage, from say a Catapult it could break and maybe a new one will spawn back at the beginning.

  • @zombojoe:

    I was thinking of making the Siege tower destructable. After it takes enough damage, from say a Catapult it could break and maybe a new one will spawn back at the beginning.

    No that would be annoying, it takes just the right amount of time to get to the wall. Objective one is very nice as is.

  • @zombojoe:

    Next build I’ll add the ammo boxes.

    Please let me know how I should tweak the spawns since I haven’t seen the map in action yet. I can also edit the time it takes to push/capture objectives, etc…

    Maybe spawn 2 and 3 push back the attackers further back, its rather easy otherwise.

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