Server Browser Still Consistently Broken

  • Server browser consistently stops working and requires restart of the game. Really annoying. This is a very easy bug to reproduce (open server browser, close server browser, hit refresh… etc.). Why hasn’t it been fixed…?

  • Since I only play on like a handful of servers, I just use the Steam server browser. Wait until one of your friends is playing on your favourite server, open the steam server browser (right click steam icon, select servers) and go to the friends tab. You’ll see the chiv server there. Right click it and “add to favourites”. Now you have it in your steam favs for all time and you can see who’s on and join from there (the join command will pass through the Chivalry launcher just fine).

    Adding servers directly to your favourites by IP address does not work for whatever reason. You need to do it from the friends tab.

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