Drastic loss of FPS

  • GTX 580
    8 GB Ram
    Win7 64 bit
    i5 2500

    Pre patch I had everything maxed and never dropped below 60fps, now I feel like I’m capped at 20. I’ve tried playing with the settings and verifying my game files, but to no avail.

    As a side not, I did play as normal for about 10 minutes after the patch before this started happening.

  • Also interested. I’m playing in windowed mode which I don’t mind, but even on all medium and 1280x720 the FPS really drops low and it seems to occurr the more I play.

    How about some .ini tweaks, i’ve seen them work wonders for other games. Perhaps the devs have some suggestions.

    The game itself is fun. I’ve enjoyed games previously for being good games, but havn’t laughed so much while playing one for a long time.

  • Can you tell me what numbers you have when you run stat fps and stat unit in the console?


  • Can you restart steam and update, we believe we have fixed this issue.

  • Its fixed for me at least, thanks.

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